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Gossip Girl Fans Will Love Netflix’s New Series Young Royals

Gossip Girl Fans Will Love Netflix’s New Series Young Royals

If you were a Gossip Girl mega fan, you'll love this.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Gossip Girl fans, assemble. A new series has just landed on Netflix, and if you loved watching the scandalous escapades of Manhattan's elite, you'll be hooked to this.

Swedish drama Young Royals dropped on the platform on Thursday and you can watch the trailer below:

The coming-of-age story follows Swedish royal Prince Wilhelm (played by Edvin Ryding), who is sent off to a very prestigious school after getting into a scandalous fight in a club.

Wilhelm's parents - the king and queen - make a decision to send him to Hillerska boarding school, but Wilhelm isn't happy about it.

The show focuses on Wilhelm's experience at the school, where he mingles with some of the country's most elite students and develops feelings for student Simon, who managed to get a place at the school thanks to a scholarship.

The coming of age story follows Swedish royal Prince Wilhelm (

The official synopsis explains: "When Prince Wilhelm arrives at the prestigious boarding school Hillerska he finally gets an opportunity to explore his true self and find out what kind of life he really wants.

"Wilhelm starts dreaming of a future filled with freedom and unconditional love far away from the royal obligations - but when he unexpectedly becomes next in line for the throne his dilemma is heightened as he has to make a choice. Love or duty."

And viewers have already binge watched the lot and are asking for a second season.

One person tweeted: "I just finished Young Royals and y'all I need a season 2."

People are already calling for season 2 (

And another said: "I'm realising we probably have to wait for like a year until season 2 of Young Royals and I cannot accept that."

"Young Royals came out on Netflix today and I already finished it, i am so so so sad now please @netflix @NetflixNordic i need a season 2 asap!!!"

Come on Netflix, give the people what they want! You can watch Young Royals on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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