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'One Born Every Minute' Fans Will Love Netflix's New Series 'Babies'

'One Born Every Minute' Fans Will Love Netflix's New Series 'Babies'

Netflix followed 15 families over the course of a year.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you love curling up on the sofa watching One Born Every Minute, bawling your eyes out when the little one arrives and chuckling at the dads who are almost always asleep or pacing in despair, you'll love Netflix's Babies.

The new docuseries follows 15 families filmed over the course of 12 months, capturing both the science behind their development as well as the emotional side of having a new little person join the family.

The series aims to give viewers an inside glimpse into a baby's evolution, from first steps to first smiles and everything in between.

Explaining there has been a scientific "explosion" in understanding babies' brains, researchers now know that even the youngest tots see and understand way more than we ever thought they could.

While also touching on the psychological side of welcoming a little one, the documentary delves into each baby's milestone, from the immediate bond formed with parents at birth, to sleeping, sitting up, crawling and eventually, the incredible moment babies take their first steps into toddlerhood.

The series follows both the scientific and emotional side of a baby's first year (

It also demonstrates how scientists are able to use the latest technology to understand the physiological process behind each developmental stage.

Featuring in the series are a string of leading scientists, including Rebecca Spencer who published a groundbreaking study on the importance of naps for a baby's learning.

Meanwhile, scientist Michael Georgieff will also share his vast knowledge on child development. Michael's work linking iron and other nutrients to the development of babies' memories was a huge scientific breakthrough.

The series speaks to a range of scientists who are all experts in child development (

The series will also see Professor Ruth Feldman discuss her discovery that oxytocin (the bonding hormone which is occurs in new mums) can also be found in men. Meanwhile, Professor Susan Lynch - who found a link between babies living with cats and dogs being better protected from asthma and allergies - will also share her wisdom.

Viewers are already taking to Twitter to praise the show, with one tweeting: "Just finished watching babies documentary on Netflix... I'm so mesmerised by all [the] research made on the babies.. plus all the babies are so cute tho."

Another wrote: "Babies on Netflix is the most wholesome and interesting docuseries I've ever watched. I'm hooked."

Others found it emotional (thank goodness it's not just us) with one writing: "30 seconds into the Babies docu-series on Netflix and I'm CRYING."

The show is available to stream over on Netflix now, just in time for the weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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