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Netflix's New Nature Documentary 'Night On Earth' Has Viewers In Bits

Netflix's New Nature Documentary 'Night On Earth' Has Viewers In Bits

If you loved 'Blue Planet', you'll be obsessed with this.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Netflix has dropped a new nature documentary, Night On Earth and viewers are hailing it both "outstanding" and "mind-blowing".

The powerful programme, narrated by actress Samira Wiley (Orange Is the New Black), follows a selection of the world's most iconic animals and documents what they get up to after sundown.

In what is being described as a one-of-a-kind documentary, low light photography and ultra high definition cameras have been capturing remarkable footage of what the critters are really up to after lights out.

Filled with scenes from 30 different countries, the six-part series promises to "lift the veil of darkness" and viewers have said it almost moved them to tears it was "so beautiful".

The new series uses incredible new technology to capture a variety of animals and habitats (

There are a range of different filming locations, from the Savanna to the Peruvian Desert and viewers are able to journey through jungles, oceans and vast wilderness while observing a selection of species from the animal kingdom, including lions and leopards, bats and scorpions.

Since the groundbreaking new series launched on the streaming platform, viewers have been taking to social media to praise the show.

Viewers have been calling it
Viewers have been calling it

One said she was almost in tears at the touching programme, tweeting: "In the middle of watching Night on Earth on Netflix, I almost started crying watching the beauty that is our earth the beautiful little critters that inhabit it."

While another called it "insane" and one described it as "outstanding".

"Y'all gotta watch this Night on Earth series on @Netflix where they use all this equipment to finally show us what animals do at night. It's Insane. Just watched a frog presumably freeze to death, his eye was frozen over... morning comes and it thawed out and hopped away," the user wrote.

Another called it "seriously mind blowing" and also praised Samira Wiley for her narration.

"@Netflix Night on Earth docuseries is seriously mind blowing. Best nature docu I have ever watched. Also, @samirawiley could narrate traffic signs to me and I would be mesmerized. Just A+ production all around," they wrote.

All six episodes are now available on Netflix, so if you fancy a break from a true-crime binge-watch, you know what to do.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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