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Netflix Documentary 'Abducted In Plain Sight' Is Getting A Spin-Off

Lucy Devine

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Netflix Documentary 'Abducted In Plain Sight' Is Getting A Spin-Off

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Just about everyone was hooked to Abducted in Plain Sight when it dropped on Netflix last year - and now, a podcast spin-off is set to launch.

The true-crime podcast, Obsessed with: Abducted in Plain Sight will drop next month and is set to delve deeper into the kidnappings with never-before-seen audio and a host of new interviews.


According to Deadline the podcast will be hosted by the documentary's director, Skye Borgman and will be the first podcast from the Obsessed Network by Patrick Hinds.

As a recap, the original documentary told the story of Jan Broberg, from Idaho, who was kidnapped twice by her neighbour Robert Berchtold, who gained the trust of Jan's parents over a period of years.

The podcast is set to feature exclusive interviews with Jan as well as Berchtold's audio journals, which were uncovered by the FBI.

Jan was kidnapped twice by Berchtold (Credit: Netflix)
Jan was kidnapped twice by Berchtold (Credit: Netflix)

Berchtold groomed the Broberg family, even having sexual relations with both parents in a bid to gain the friendship and trust to kidnap their 12-year-old daughter in 1974. He even persuaded them to allow him to sleep in her bed as 'therapy' for the abuse he received as a child.

In October 1974, Berchtold tricked and drugged Jan, before fleeing to Mexico where he brainwashed her into thinking she was an alien. He even made her believe she needed to conceive a baby with him before her 16th birthday in order to save the planet.

When Jan returned five weeks later, she told her family nothing had happened and charges were not pressed against Berchtold.

Jan was abducted and taken to Mexico (Credit: Netflix)
Jan was abducted and taken to Mexico (Credit: Netflix)

Jan was kidnapped again two years later and Berchtold began posing as her father. He even managed to enroll her in a Catholic girls' school in California.

Eventually, the teenager was found and returned home, shortly before Berchtold was put on trial. He was given a lifetime restraining order against the family.

The now actress released her story with the book Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story by Mary Ann Broberg in 2003.

Following the documentary, Jan's parents came under a great deal of criticism, but the actress has since defended them.

"He was the kind of guy that was just helpful," she explained on chat show The View.

Jan is now a successful actress (Credit: Netflix)
Jan is now a successful actress (Credit: Netflix)

"Everybody loved him. He literally had that kind of charisma. He became a second father to me and that's how it became over those two and half years, while that grooming and manipulation took place."

Speaking about the four-episode podcast, Skye Borgman said: "After audiences around the globe were captivated by the original documentary, they still had many questions.

"There are so many untold stories I wanted to share."

The podcast series will launch on all major podcast platforms on Monday 2nd March.

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Lucy Devine
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