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Everyone's Loving Jerry And Morgan In Binge-Worthy Netflix Obsession 'Cheer'

Everyone's Loving Jerry And Morgan In Binge-Worthy Netflix Obsession 'Cheer'

Twitter is shaking its pom poms for these two fan favourites.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

What is it that makes Cheer, Netflix's gripping docuseries on the competitive world of cheerleading, so damn addictive?

Is it the mind-boggling skills of the athletic teens as they flip, tumble and somersault across our screens?

Is it Monica Aldama's extreme coaching style? This is a woman who, according to her husband, "doesn't put up with weakness". She makes champions - but breaks others in the process.

Or is it the way that Cheer smashes through the dated idea of cheerleading as a side-line sport for the all-American girl-next-door? Yes, the show has all the teen sass of Bring It On - but it's brought to you by a real, diverse squad with added blood, sweat and tears.

Whatever the answer, the series - which follows the (literal) ups and downs of Navarro College's competitive cheer squad as they undergo intense training for the NCA College Nationals in Daytona, Florida - is seriously good telly.

Daytona is the coveted national title - it's basically The Holy Grail of cheerleading. Plus, only 20 members of the 40-strong Cheer team can appear "on-mat" to compete - so competition is fierce.

Emotions run high - and boy, did Twitter feel them. Two squad members rising head and shoulders above the rest to top social media's pyramid of praise are Morgan Simianer and Jerry Harris.

Jerry is not your average cheerleader. As big in heart as he is in build, he describes how he cheered in high school weighing over 300 pounds, and has shed close to 100 during his time at Navarro.

The young cheerleader had a tough childhood, losing his mum to lung cancer at an early age, but has gone on to build his own 'cheer family'.

Described by his friends as 'the king of mat talk' - that's motivational comments for your fellow cheerleaders, FYI - Jerry is a ball of positive energy.

"You're gorgeous!" he yells, grinning. "Work!"

Oh, Jerry. Never change.

While Jerry may not have the agility to tumble, he's the glue that holds the team together - and whether or not he "makes mat" is a major thread in Cheer's story.

"Someone put me in touch with Jerry from #Cheer on Netflix," begged one Twitter user. "I need that kind of positivity in my life!!"

"Jerry is National Treasure and needs to be protected at ALL COSTS," chimed in another.

"All I want is Jerry Harris from #CheerNetflix to follow me around all day and hype up my mundane accomplishments," added a third. "Ate a healthy breakfast? Jerry: "Get it girl, YAS!"

Then there's tough-but-vulnerable Morgan, whose troubled home life has rocked her self-esteem, leaving her with a bad case of imposter syndrome.

In high school, Morgan and her brother - originally from Wyoming - were forced to live in a trailer by themselves after being abandoned by their dad.

Morgan then moved to Texas to be raised by her grandparents. She clearly adores coach Monica and has found a refuge in cheerleading.

"If Monica believes in me enough to put me in, then I should be able to trust myself," says Morgan during the series. "I'd do anything for that woman."

But the second-year cheerleader repeatedly sells herself short, calling herself the "the awkward turtle in the background".

Morgan doesn't always have the technical precision of her peers but she's fearless and hard-working. And while she may not back herself, Twitter certainly does.

"I've finished #CheerNetflix and I have come to four conclusions," wrote one Cheer fan.

"1) cheerleading is wild
2) I would take a bullet for Morgan
3) Jerry is the greatest human alive
4) I want Monica to be proud of me."

Another wrote: "Me: I'm just gonna casually watch #Cheer on #Netflix.


We couldn't agree more. And if you're brand new to the series, we'll leave you with the big questions.

Will Jerry make mat? Will Morgan's toe points improve? Will tearaway teen Lexie be accepted by her fellow cheerleaders? Will Gabi's pressurising parents back off already?

Hold onto your spirit sticks and do a cheer prayer dance for a second season.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Netflix

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