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Naked Attraction Contestant Walks Off After Being Overwhelmed Seeing Naked Woman For First Time

Naked Attraction Contestant Walks Off After Being Overwhelmed Seeing Naked Woman For First Time

Naked Attraction guest Brian hadn't ever seen a woman undressed before - and it was all a little too much.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

This article was originally published in 2020.

Naked Attraction guest Brian found the experience perhaps a little more overwhelming than he'd expected recently, as he was forced to walk off set and take a breather after seeing a naked woman.

Introduced by Anna Richardson as a "shy virgin called Brian", the TV contestant was the first person ever to leave the set during filming - becoming a little frazzled after seeing six nude women, having never even seen one before.

Anna, 50, said the 23-year-old wine lover from Kent felt faint before the incident, and told producers he needed to take a pause.

Check out a clip below:

In the footage, we see Anna ask a nervous looking Brian if he's okay after unveiling his potential suitors. She adds: "You look like you're about to faint, Brian".

Shaking his head, Brian replies: "I'm sorry, I need a moment, can I have a little moment?"

After heading off the set and being consoled by the producers, Brian made it back to complete the show.

"It's overwhelming, I mean, you know in a good way, perhaps I needed this. But I just need to let it sink in just a bit," he said.

The nudity was all too much for Brian (
Channel 4)

In case you aren't familiar with Naked Attraction, the show sees six naked individuals reveal themselves body-part by body-part in booths.

The object of the show is that they're eliminated after each round until there is just one contestant left. Then, the guest and their chosen date both bare all to each other before heading out together.

Speaking to Mail Online, Anna said: "A young chap called Brian who is a virgin, a lovely guy, wine connoisseur and proficient musician.

Anna asked Brian if he was okay (
Channel 4)

"[He] felt really faint when he was faced with six naked girls, and needed to take time off set and be consoled by producers.

"He was a good lad, he came back on and faced the rest of the show".

To be honest, we don't blame Brian for fainting. If we were to stand in front of a bunch of naked people, we'd probably pass out too!

Naked Attraction begins Tuesday 10th November, 10:20pm on Channel 4

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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