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People Are Saying Channel 4’s New Doc ‘Murder In The Outback’ Is ‘Absolutely Wild’

People Are Saying Channel 4’s New Doc ‘Murder In The Outback’ Is ‘Absolutely Wild’

Channel 4's new crime documentary Murder In The Outback landed on Sunday, and delved into the mysterious killing of Peter Falconio.

If you don't remember the 2001 case, it hit the headlines when British tourist Joanne Lees, then 27, was found on a road north of Alice Springs all alone by truck drivers, claiming her boyfriend Peter Falconio, then 28, had been shot.

Joanne alleged she had managed to escape another driver, who had attacked her and killed Peter, stating he stopped them under the ruse that something was wrong with their van.


Peter's body has still never been found to this day, but in 2005, Australian Bradley John Murdoch was charged with his murder.

The conviction was largely thanks to some DNA found on Joanne's t-shirt.

Murdoch was convicted at the time (Credit: PA)
Murdoch was convicted at the time (Credit: PA)

While many have since assumed the case was solved, the new four part documentary has gone on to blow people's minds, asking a lot of questions and bringing some new details to light.


The first episode of the series drew in the biggest overnight audience to a new Channel 4 factual title so far this year, with 2 million viewers from 9.15-10.15pm - and many went on to binge watch the rest on All4.

Suggesting that the evidence to convict Murdoch was "riddled with doubt" the documentary spoke to his legal team, who claimed to have unseen legal documents which prove he's innocent.

Plus, top forensic scientist, Professor Barry Boettcher, backed up this claim, stating that he would have expected to see more blood on the road, and suggesting that back manacles used to tie up Joanne were "contaminated," so Murdoch's DNA couldn't be relied upon.

Both added that they didn't think Murdoch would be convicted today.

Joanne and Peter had been travelling together (Credit: PA)
Joanne and Peter had been travelling together (Credit: PA)

But the most compelling moment was a fresh piece of evidence from the truck driver who rescued Joanne, told to Murdoch's defence attorney back in 2017.

He claims before Joanne ran out into the road he saw two men bundle a man into a red car, stating the said man looked "like jelly".

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"There was something they didn't want me to see. I am pretty sure that guy in the middle very well could have been Peter Falconio," he said.


Sorry, WHAT? Why did he not mention this at the time?!

Taking to social media as the new evidence spilled in, it's safe to say that people were floored.


The Cryptic Story Behind Channel 4's New Documentary 'Murder In The Car Park'

The Cryptic Story Behind Channel 4's New Documentary 'Murder In The Car Park'

published at5 months ago

"I planned on an early night then I discovered #MurderInTheOutback, absolutely wild," one viewer wrote on Sunday as the series landed.

While another penned: "Say what now? Why did the truckie not bother telling anyone before about the red car before 2017?"

Another echoed many as they stated that they weren't quite convinced.

They wrote: "So your driving & come across a woman in clear distress. She tells you her boyfriend has been shot & can't find him & you DON'T think to mention you just passed a couple of guys bundling another guy into their car & driving off?

"You NEVER mention it to cops? #MurderInTheOutback (sic)'.

One thing is for sure, this documentary has left us as baffled as we were before - but it's a must watch nonetheless.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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