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Mum And Daughter Give Each Other Brazilian Waxes - And It Doesn't End Well

Mum And Daughter Give Each Other Brazilian Waxes - And It Doesn't End Well

The duo will appear in an upcoming TLC series.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

A mum and daughter who will appear in an upcoming TV show have an incredibly close bond, so much so that they give each other waxes... in intimate places.

Mother and daughter Karla and Rykia will appear in the third series of TLC programme sMothered and are so close they regularly give each other waxes.

Erm, we're not quite sure what to make of this one.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Ummm, was anyone else unsure where to look throughout that clip?!

"My mother and I have been waxing each other for quite some time now," Rykia admits in the short clip, which shows the daughter waxing her mum's intimate area as she crouches in a rather compromising position.

"You're smooth like a baby again," she then tells mum, Karla, who thanks her earnestly for her landscaping assistance.

Mother and daughter Karla and Rykia (

However, things between the mum and daughter soon turn sour, as we're shown the duo arguing later in the clip.

"We used to do this, we used to do that," Rykia tells her mum. "This is a different time."

Karla can then be seen throwing her hands up in the air at her daughter's words.

Karla and Rykia are one of three new mother and daughter duos appearing in this rather quirky season, joining another three mums and their daughters from the previous two seasons.

The mum and daughter duos (

Alongside Karla and Rykia, we'll also be introduced to Amy and Carina, who share underwear AND showers together. Plus, we'll also get to meet Lisa and Lauren, who are so close that they FaceTime each other from the bath.

Daughter Lauren is married to wife Laura Leigh, and the couple been trying to have a baby. Mum Lisa has offered to help them... with their artificial insemination.

"I gave her life, so now I get to put it inside of her," she says in the clip.

"I laid on the bed and mom inseminated me," Lauren later tells Laura Leigh, who replies: "That's freaking weird."

And we couldn't agree more, tbh.

Returning mums and daughters Sunhe and Anjelica, Kathy and Cristina and Dawn and Cher will also join the three new duos.

This show really is...errr... something.

We can't wait to see the calamity that unfolds in season three.

Season three of sMothered will begin on TLC on 31 May.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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