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New MTV Documentary On Ghosting Is Just Like ‘Catfish’ But Messier

New MTV Documentary On Ghosting Is Just Like ‘Catfish’ But Messier

MTV's new show on ghosting is dividing opinion.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Nobody needs to be told that ghosting is a real, genuine issue in 2019.

There isn't a single woman on the dating scene who hasn't been savagely ghosted at least once in the process. You know, ditched without warning, deserted, abandoned... (we're not triggered, honest).

So we were intrigued to discover that a new MTV show is about to hit screens, in which ghosters are hunted down and confronted. You can watch the trailer here:

Hosted by The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay and artist Travis Mills, the MTV show is entitled Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, and will follow a similar format to Catfish.

Individuals will approach Rachel and Travis in a bid to hunt down their ghoster, be it a former lover, a friend or even a family member - and they'll then help get to the bottom of their disappearances.

In what is inevitably going to be heartbreaking, messy and compulsive viewing, the hosts sit down with their ghoster if they're able to find them, and hash out where it all went wrong.

The series, which will consist of eight episodes, will aim to shine light on the new digital phenomenon, and how social media plays its part. And naturally, given the relatable theme, its getting a lot of buzz online - both good and bad.

Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills are fronting the show (

Criticising the show for promoting stalking behaviours, one person wrote: "If you're the kind of person who tracks down someone that ghosted you, you're the reason people feel the need to ghost to protect themselves in the first place."

While another added: "Have I been ghosted? Yes. Have I ghosted someone? Yes. Would I want to have cameras pointed in my face about why I or someone I know ghosted me? Absolutely not. #Ghosted".

"Hey MTV, if you get ghosted, there's probably a reason. So unless you're tracking down missing persons ho have stopped replying to everyone, stay the f*ck out of people's lives," a third penned.


However, some were a little less riled about the show's premise.

"Re: the @MTVGhosted drama. MTV reach out to the person who ghosted before the episode even goes into filming for permission. producers know everything but the hosts rlly do have to figure it out for themselves & @travismills does AMAZING at it. It's not "stalking" it's closure," one said in defence of the programme.

Whether you agree with the show or not, its bound to be a gripping watch...

MTV's Ghosted premieres on Tuesday 10 September.

Featured Image Credit: MTV

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