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Mary-Kate And Ashley's New York Minute Is Coming To UK Netflix Next Month

Mary-Kate And Ashley's New York Minute Is Coming To UK Netflix Next Month

New York Minute was the teenage film of our dreams - and now it's back on the streaming platform.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's New York Minute is returning to screens next month, thanks to our friends at Netflix.

The 2004 American rom-com was a must watch during our teens, following two very different twin sisters Jane (Ashley) and Roxy Ryan (Mary-Kate), who haven't spent a day together in years - mainly because of their opposing interests.

The sisters' relationship changes in a New York Minute (get it?) when they travel into the city together so they can both achieve their own goals.

Jane is there to deliver a speech to qualify for a prestigious Oxford scholarship, while Roxy has plans to sneak backstage at Simple Plan's music video shoot so she can give them her demo tape.

The rom-com was released in 2004 (
Warner Bros)

But, as you'd expect, their attempt to change their lives goes anything but smoothly...

This movie brings back so much Noughties nostalgia.

In case you need a reminder (read spoiler) over 24 hours, the sisters end up on a thrilling adventure when they get chased by a truancy officer (Eugene Levy), meet two handsome hunks and get accidentally embroiled in a shady black-market transaction.

Directed by Dennie Gordon, the feature also famously reunited the twins with their Full House co-star Bob Saget, who plays their widower father in the flick, and also starred early noughties heartthrobs Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) and Riley Smith (True Blood).

It was their first cinema release since 1995's It Takes Two opposite Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg - but also their last.

Despite their star power at the time, the film made less than £18 million in the global box office, but it cost £23 million to make.

The Olsen Twins have a cult following (
Warner Bros)

Regardless of the facts and figures, the movie has become a classic for children and teens of the era.

It landed on US Netflix back in January, and fans of the acting duo rejoiced at the news.

But its arrival over shores in the UK is also bound to be cause for celebration.

You can catch New York Minute on Netflix UK from November 1st.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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