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Martin Kemp Is The Ultimate Embarrassing Dad As He Recalls Mortifying Moment From Roman’s Childhood On Gogglebox

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

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Martin Kemp Is The Ultimate Embarrassing Dad As He Recalls Mortifying Moment From Roman’s Childhood On Gogglebox

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Proving the universal truth that your family can embarrass you better than anyone, Roman Kemp was left rather red-faced during an episode of Celebrity Gogglebox when his dad Martin shared a hilarious anecdote from his childhood.

Talking about Roman as a baby, Martin revealed that his son was stung in an, ahem, unfortunate place by a bee when he was a little - causing the young Roman to let out a deafening scream.

Viewers were left in stitches when the former soap star shared the tale, while Roman covered his face with his hands and looked like he wanted to sofa to swallow him up.


Martin's story began with some buzzing sound effects. After all, what would a dad joke be without all the bells and whistles, eh?

Then, as Martin used his hand to mimicking a bee landing on his crotch, it suddenly became apparent where the story was headed. Roman looked on, unimpressed.

"It was tiny, I don't even know how the bee could see it!," said Martin. "And it stung you! It was the biggest scream I had ever heard from a baby in my life."

"I was two days old, yeah? Alright?!" replied Roman, doing his best to deflect from his dad's embarrassing tale.

But Martin wasn't done yet. He was clearly enjoying himself and there were more details to share.


"Honestly, it looked like you had 3 b*lls!" he added.

But this point, Roman's was suppressing giggles, turning pink and appeared to want to bury himself in the surrounding sofa cushions.

"At least the swelling made it looked bigger," the radio presenter jokily clapped back at his father.

"Yeah, well, it needed it!" laughed Martin.


Sharing the moment to Twitter, from the official C4 Gogglebox account, Roman captioned the clip: "The embarrassment is getting worse every episode."


Amused Twitter users were quick to comment - and could clearly relate to being hung out to dry by a parent.

"That's what dads are for apparently to embarrass their kids," wrote one commentator.

Another agreed: "Doesn't matter how old you get you can always rely on good parents to embarrass you and totally own you."

White a third wrote: "Absolutely love your relationship, so funny."

Dads...who'd have 'em.

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Mary-Jane Wiltsher
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