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Married At First Sight Australia Season 7: Everything We Know About New Series

Married At First Sight Australia Season 7: Everything We Know About New Series

Married At First Sight Australia is back, and the seventh season is landing on UK screens *very* soon.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

*Beware of major Married at First Sight Australia spoilers below*

Married At First Sight Australia is pretty much all anybody can talk about at the moment. We mean, seriously, why is the reality TV Down Under just so much juicier?!

The sixth instalment is currently drawing an average audience of 1.3m viewers per episode, and has been the biggest All 4 title every week since launch.

Married At First Sight Australia season 6 has been a hit in the UK (
Channel Nine)

The hit dating show has a pretty outlandish concept: experts pair up couples from a group of strangers and they tie the knot, then going on to live together in the hope of wedded bliss throughout the experiment, and forever more.

But as anybody who has watched the sixth season (which is airing on UK screens at the moment) will know, things don't always go to plan. This instalment alone has featured two affairs, a whole host of screaming arguments and several couples bowing out early.

Having already aired in Aus, we can promise that season 7 looks just as dramatic, too.

So, what's in store? Here's everything we know about the show before it lands on UK tellies...

Is there a MAFS Australia season 7 trailer?

Yes, you can watch a teaser for the upcoming season below:

What happens in MAFS Australia season 7?

Elizabeth Sobinoff returns

Viewers will no doubt remember fiery Elizabeth from season 6 of the show, after she was savagely cheated on by her husband, Sam Ball.

During the show, Sam appeared to body shame Lizzie on several occasions, making comments about her weight and expressing his complete lack of attraction for her throughout. And it only got worse when he had a full-blown affair with fellow contestant, Ines Basic, right under her nose.

Watching from home, fans thought Lizzie didn't get a fair chance at love, so it's no surprise producers brought her back for another try.

Elizabeth Sobinoff is back with a new hubby, Seb (
Channel Nine)

We won't give too much away, but this time Elizabeth is paired with contestant Seb Guilhaus, and it seems - at first - as if they have a lot more in common than she did with Sam.

Expect Lizzie to return with a whole new look this season, too.

Will she finally get her happily ever after? We'll leave that for you to find out...

The show features first same-sex couple

For the first time in MAFS Australia history, we can expect a same-sex couple to join the experiment for season 7.

Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz wed this season, and hope for a life of blissful matrimony.

Amanda and Tash are the show's first ever same sex pairing (
Channel Nine)

In a clip from the wedding, we see Amanda tell Tash: "I need you to know, hand on heart, that we will try our best to make this work and not give up that easily.

"I have a million emotions right now, yet only one hope, that despite what outcome happens before us, may we have the time of our lives and potentially continue a beautiful life together."

You can watch a clip of their wedding day below:

They seem to get along swimmingly at first, but will they go the distance?

There's a 'runaway bride'

MAFS Australia is never short of drama, but a runaway bride might well take the biscuit for the most shocking moment ever.

Josh Pihlak and Cathy Evans' relationship took a surprising turn after Cathy appeared to drop off the face of the earth one night, following a commitment ceremony.

The pair had already had a rocky start, with Cathy appearing jealous of her hubby's interactions with other women, and Josh even appearing to friend-zone her.

Cathy leaves Josh abruptly after a commitment ceremony (
Channel Nine)

But nobody expected Cathy to simply walk out one day, without so much as a word.

We'll let you catch the fallout yourself, but following the incident, Josh said: "Cathy would go do her things and then get in a hire car and leave without saying goodbye.

"It's all good and well to act like the happy couple on camera, but it should be exactly the same off camera too."

There's more cheating scandals

If Ines and Sam and Jess and Dan's affairs were your depraved cup of tea last season, then you're going to love the fact that there are more cheating scandals arriving in season 7.

Yep, more hearts are set to be broken as Stacey Hampton begins an affair with fellow contestant Mikey Pembroke, after failing to fall for her hubby, Michael Goonan, from the start.

Bride Stacey is set to cheat on her husband Michael on the show (
Channel Nine)

Later in the series, there's a rumour that fellow contestant Hayley Vernon kisses scorned Michael, too.

Is it even MAFS if there isn't cheating left, right and centre?

Get ready for 'toothbrush-gate'

It hasn't yet aired on British screens, but everyone is already talking about season 7's 'toothbrush scandal' - a promising sign of all the ridiculous drama we have to come.

The incident involves couple, Dave Cannon and Hayley Vernon, and that rumour that Hayley kissed co-star Michael Goonan.

The scorned husband cleaned the toilet with his wife's toothbrush (
Twitter/ Channel Nine)

Upon hearing the rumour, Dave decided to get his own back by scrubbing down the toilet with Hayley's toothbrush, sending a (since leaked) video to all of his co-stars.

"My mates have done worse to me, and you know why? Because with practical jokes there is no limit," Dave said after the incident came out during a dramatic dinner party.

Just you wait to see how this one pans out...

The experts kick a couple off the show

The drama is too much for the experts as they kick one couple off the show (
Channel Nine)

We won't tell you who, but we can also expect to see the experts snap like never before, and even kick one couple off the show for good.

When the bride in one toxic pairing writes 'stay' during a commitment ceremony, the experts are so sure she's making the wrong decision that they intervene and change the course of the experiment, telling the pair that their time on the show is up.

As you can imagine, this is set to be truly explosive.

When does MAFS Australia season 7 air in the UK?

Married At First Sight Australia first aired Down Under back in May 2020, so it's old news on the other side of the world.

However, over in the UK we're yet to watch it, meaning all the drama will be brand new when it lands on screens here.

E4 recently announced: "Married At First Sight Australia season 6 sadly concludes this Monday 1 March, but buckle up as we're heading back down under soon, as Married At First Sight Australia series 7 is set to land on E4 this summer."

Yaaas. Get ready folks. If potential freedom from Covid-19 restrictions wasn't enough to look forward to, now we have a new MAFS instalment, too!

Featured Image Credit: Channel Nine

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