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People Can't Get Over Married At First Sight Australia Star Matthew Bennett's Glow-Up

People Can't Get Over Married At First Sight Australia Star Matthew Bennett's Glow-Up

Married At First Sight's Matthew is looking more confident than ever after appearing on the show.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Fans fell in love with sweet Married At First Sight Australia star Matthew Bennett on the show, when he joined as a shy, unassuming 'virgin groom' and slowly grew in confidence as the series progressed.

Matt was partnered with Lauren Huntriss during the series, and the pair seemed like the picture perfect match at first.

But eventually, Matthew realised it was his lack of sexual attraction for Lauren which was preventing them from progressing - despite, never-the-less, experiencing some 'firsts' under the sheets.

Matthew wed Lauren on the show - but split afterwards (
Channel Nine)

The pair left the process after that, terminating their marriage...and ever since fans have been wondering what became of the reality star.

Now, we've dug up Matt's Instagram, and it turns out his confidence has certainly continued to skyrocket once the cameras stopped rolling.

Showing off his rather impressive glow-up, a chiselled Matt, 31, now has a beard, and has shared several topless snaps on his Instagram.

Taken by his photographer pal, John Bortolin, for a calendar shoot, one particularly eye-popping image shows Matt in super-tight Calvin Klein pants.

"DAMN," wrote one follower after spotting a shirtless picture of the TV star, while another echoed the sentiments with a series of fire emojis.

"Definitely a fan of this beard," another fan wrote on a separate (more PG) image of him.

Hinting at just how far his self-esteem had come, Matt wrote elsewhere on Insta: "For so long the smile I would wear would be the mask I would put out to the world.

"The armour hiding what I really felt inside. The shield protecting me from people seeing the inherit unhappiness within.

Matthew is now rocking a new beard (
Instagram/ Matthew Bennett)

"'Fake it till you make it' I would say. As long as the outside world saw that I was ok, that's all that mattered.

"It wasn't. No amount of hiding from the pain, numbing the feelings, 'faking it' made things any better.

"It wasn't until I actually started allowing myself to feel what I was going through, acknowledge that it was ok to have sh*t days and realise that I don't have to smile to make anyone else feel comfortable. I was allowed to experience what I was feeling. That's when the healing could begin."

Matthew is now all loved up, too (
Instagram/ Matthew Bennett)

He went on to write that the image he was sharing was one of the first times he was able to share a "genuine smile" with the world. Awww. How far he's come.

Matt has also got tonnes of cosy pictures with his new girlfriend, Annabel, who he met a few weeks after splitting from Lauren.

Yes - he's got a girlfriend!

Matthew and Annabelle met not long after his time on the show (
Instagram/ Matthew Bennett)

"So happy for you that you've got someone in your life making you happy xxx you deserve it!," someone wrote after spotting that he'd found love again.

As another concurred: "Glad to see you happy Matt it's what you deserve".

We agree, happiness looks good on you, Matt!

Featured Image Credit: Channel Nine

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