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Married At First Sight Australia Star Jules Robinson Has Struck Up An Unlikely Friendship With Ines Bašić

Married At First Sight Australia Star Jules Robinson Has Struck Up An Unlikely Friendship With Ines Bašić

The reality stars struck up an unexpected bond after appearing on the show.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Married At First Sight Australia stars Jules Robinson and Ines Bašić have made friends since appearing on the show, in a somewhat bizarre twist that nobody expected.

The pair couldn't have been more different on the show, with Jules in wedded bliss with her hubby Cameron Merchant while Ines was cheating on Bronson Norrish with Sam Ball.

But somehow they've found a way together since they finished filming back in 2018, and now they're actually still pals.

Speaking during a new an interview with The Times, the couple said that Ines has changed a lot since their time on season 6 of the dating experiment.

Cam and Jules are now fond of Ines (
Cam Merchant/ Instagram)

"You know what? Ines is actually really great," Jules said.

She did, however, shut down rumours perpetuated by Ines that producers could have orchestrated her affair with Sam.

"I'm not saying that. I was never asked to do anything that wasn't real and I don't really think you can create a character that isn't there... But Ines has changed a lot."

She added: "I think she really liked Sam, and nothing was going to get in the way and, yeah, she went about it in a pretty awful way, but we all do silly things in life and unfortunately she just did hers in front of millions of people.

"She's put her hands up since then and been accountable for her actions. We get along pretty well now."

Honestly, we're as surprised as you...

Ines and Bronson were paired together during the show (
Channel Nine)

Ines has been outspoken about the way she was portrayed on the Channel Nine show, claiming that she was unfairly shown as a "villain".

"I look so remorseless and like I don't care," she told the Mail. "But Bronson was into open relationships... and sharing women... They just didn't air that part. I was like that's such a crucial part to miss out.

"He was into open relationships and sharing women. I was so angry for so long because it was such a huge part to not air. I felt silenced. I really got the sh*t cut.

"I was like f*ck who did the edit on this? You went too hard."

While filming the show, Ines has previously revealed her mental health wasn't in a good place. Her weight dropped from 8stone 11lbs to an underweight 6st 6lbs and she's admitted she even contemplated suicide.

Ines says she was painted as the villain on her show (
Instagram/ Ines Basic)

"I was suicidal. I was taking valium for my anxiety," she told The Sun. "I over-medicated before the reunion and shouldn't have drank. I don't even remember being there."

Her mental health issues were triggered for several reasons. For one, filming in the Gold Coast, she saw somebody take their own life from a balcony.

Plus, she was left heartbroken to discover that a close friend had died while in the middle of filming. Ines also had pre-existing PTSD and was dealing with the break-up of her parents, too.

We're glad to see that Ines and Jules are now friends. The MAFS ladies gotta stick together!

Featured Image Credit: Channel Nine

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