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Man Calls His Date A 'Childish Idiot' For Watching 'Love Island'

Man Calls His Date A 'Childish Idiot' For Watching 'Love Island'

No-one insults Love Island and gets away with it...

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

With Love Island airing six out of seven nights a week, you can bet we're not taking *any* phone calls between 9-10pm.

But when one Love Island fan told her date she would be unable to take his call because she'd be getting her daily dose of villa drama, he called her a "childish idiot" for her choice of telly.

Charlotte Brown, 27, had been chatting to her date for less than one day when he became angry after she admitted to watching the ITV2 reality show.

In screengrabs of WhatsApp messages between the pair, Charlotte, from Kent, explained she couldn't have a phone call with him because Love Island would soon be starting and obviously she didn't want to miss an episode.

But her 35-year-old match seemed to flip at the news, explaining that he "loathed" the show.

In what seemed to be a rather patronising manner, he wrote: "You were doing so well, everything was great and then Love Island! Vile, shallow programme, yuck."

Charlotte explained she couldn't take a call as she was watching 'Love Island' (
Kennedy News and Media)

Adding that it was "grotesque [and] absolute trash" the date - who claims to be a therapist - started reeling off the issues he has with the show, citing the aftercare for contestants as one of his main reasons for not tuning in.

The pair soon started a heated discussion on the topic, with Charlotte trying to end the argument multiple times - which only seemed to spur him on more.

The man then called her a "childish idiot" before blocking and reporting her over her opinion.

Charlotte explained: "I thought we got on really well. He's meant to be like this doctor, he's self-employed. I thought he had his head screwed on, he was an older guy.

Charlotte was shocked at her date's response (
Kennedy News and Media)

"I kept saying to him, 'I don't want to get into it, I'm not particularly fussed, I just watch it' and it kept going on and on and on.

"The whole thing ended with him calling me an idiot and then blocking me.

"He messaged me on a dating site saying, 'you're clearly a very angry woman' and he blocked and reported me on the dating site as well. I was like, whatever."

Days later, he messaged again asking for for another chance (
Kennedy News and Media)

But just days later, the date decided to unblock Charlotte and asked for her forgiveness.

"I just wanted to apologise for my outbursts the other day, was totally uncalled for," he wrote.

"I don't expect us to continue talking of course and understand but I've reflected and realised I was in the wrong so I'm sorry. All the best."

When Charlotte didn't reply, he tried yet *again* to get her attention just a day later.

"Can we start again?" He asked, with a little crying laughing emoji.

Charlotte's match also blocked and reported her (
Kennedy News and Media)

Speaking about their aftercare for contestants, Love Island producers said in 2019: "Care for our Islanders is a process the show takes very seriously and is a continuous process for all those taking part in the show.

"We ensure that all of our contributors are able to access psychological support before, during and after appearing on the show. The programme will always provide ongoing support when needed and where appropriate.

"We also discuss at length with all of our Islanders, before and after the show, how their lives might change and they have access to support and advice to help with this."

Charlotte explained it was for the best - after all, a relationship in which one person hates Love Island would surely lead to a LOT of arguments over the TV control.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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