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The 'Maleficent' Build-A-Bear Is Here And It's A Must Have For Disney Fans

The 'Maleficent' Build-A-Bear Is Here And It's A Must Have For Disney Fans

Build-A-Bear is honouring the release of the latest 'Maleficent' film with a very special cuddly collectable...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Fancy yourself a true Disney fan? Well, you're going to want to get yourself the new Maleficent Build-A-Bear which is now for sale.

Launching alongside the release of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in cinemas, fans of the evil fairy will now be able to buy their own cuddly replica.

Simultaneously cute and scary, the bear, modelled after 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty villain, is black and furry with her distinctive devil horns.

The fairy is also glammed up in her legendary dark eyeshadow with a painted lip, as we know her best.

The Maleficent build-a-bear is an online exclusive (

The toy, which is a collaboration between Disney and Build-A-Bear, is available as an online exclusive on the Build-A-Bear website for a limited time only.

The bear alone costs £24, but in typical Build-A-Bear fashion you'll also be able to purchase Maleficent's robe for £15 and her sceptre for £4 so you can dress her up. The whole package comes in at £43.

Tyla has contacted Build-A-Bear for more information on how long the bears will be selling for, but given the film's popularity, our guess is not long, so you'd better get shopping, pronto!

While you're at it, why not expand your collection with a Princess Aurora outfit, too?

Build-A-Bear also has an Aurora dress for sale (

It's clearly based on the OG fairytale rather than Elle Fanning's portrayal, with a pretty pink dress available for £14, but it would still make the perfect sidekick when playing Mistress Of Evil at home.

In the sequel to 2014's Maleficent - which hit UK cinemas on October 18th - Angelina Jolie reprises her role as everyone's favourite Disney villain, complete with her blood red lips and cheekbones of steel, while Elle, 21, plays her adopted daughter Aurora.

The dark retelling of the fairytale classic also sees Maleficent facing a new enemy in the form of Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer), Aurora's would-be mother-in-law, who's hellbent on destroying the Moors and the magical creatures that call it home.

We can't give much else away at this point, but we were lucky enough to meet Angelina and Elle for a chat as they reached London to promote the film, and from what they told us, you don't want to miss out.

Tyla meets Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning in London (

We also got to chat about plenty more with them, too. While questions about Ange's ex-husband Brad Pitt (who she is currently divorcing following the couple's split in 2016) are strictly off-limits, she talks candidly about her children, her late mother and having the courage to make 'strong decisions' in the wake of a turbulent period - it's life advice that we could all learn from.

You can read the full exclusive interview here.

And hey, if you get a Maleficent bear, maybe you can take it along to the cinema when you watch the new movie?!

Featured Image Credit: Disney/ Build-A-Bear

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