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New Rose West Documentary 'Making A Monster' Airs Tonight And It Looks So Chilling

New Rose West Documentary 'Making A Monster' Airs Tonight And It Looks So Chilling

The eight-part series begins with infamous murderer Rose West.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Brand new true crime TV series Making a Monster will finally air tonight and it will start off with the chilling story of infamous murderer Rose West.

The new eight-part series on Crime+Investigation will delve into the coldblooded minds of eight serial killers, starting with West, who was convicted of ten murders in 1995.

There will be forensic experts and psychologists speaking throughout, retelling their experiences of their time spent with the notorious murderer. The experts will delve into why they think she came to be a killer, which is the theme of the show in general: how are monsters made?

One of those experts will be criminal profiler Paul Britton, who has previously worked on high profile cases including James Bulger's.

Paul visited Cromwell Street where the murders took place and helped police with their investigation into the twisted life of the Wests and now he will speak out for the first time.

In the trailer for the show we hear one expert say: "Serial killers are made not born".

Others add their thoughts that had Rose West had a different life away from Fred, it's unlikely she would have become a serial killer, whilst others think she was the driving force behind it all.

Rose who lived with husband Fred West in Gloucester seemed like any other housewife, but that couldn't have been further from the truth.

The series will look into murderers such as Rose West and Levi Bellfield (
Crime + Investigation)

The pair tortured and murdered numerous women, typically picking victims up from bus stops near their home and imprisoning them before murdering them days later.

One of their victims was their own child Heather and another, was Fred's step-daughter, Charmaine.

Their home in Cromwell Street became a house of horrors from 1967 to 1987, where they committed most of their crimes and nine victims were buried there, some chillingly beneath the patio.

It wasn't until August 1992 that police suspected Fred and Rose.

Many of the murders and much of the abuse took place at their home in Cromwell Street (

Fred was arrested for raping his 13-year-old daughter, Anne-Marie and Rose was arrested for child cruelty.

The case however collapsed then their daughter refused to testify.

However, because the police were then on red alert and knew Heather West was missing, the couple's heinous crimes were quickly uncovered.

Rose West was eventually jailed for the killing of 10 people, whilst Fred was on remand accused of murdering 12 girls and women when he killed himself in HMP Birmingham 1995.

Rose was imprisoned for life and is still alive in Low Newton Prison in Durham (

To this day, Rose West, who resides in New Hall jail in Wakefield denies any involvement with the murders.

The first episode of Making a Monster airs tonight on Crime+Investigation.

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