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'Lucifer' Season 6 Has Officially Started Filming

'Lucifer' Season 6 Has Officially Started Filming

The sixth season of 'Lucifer' will also be the last.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Lucifer season 6 has officially begun filming, show-runner Joe Henderson has revealed.

While fans of the fantasy TV drama, starring Tom Ellis, will be happy to hear the second part of season 5 has officially wrapped filming, the sad news is the cast are now working on the last ever instalment.

Say it ain't so!

"Today is our first day of shooting Lucifer season 6! So happy we've finished up season 5, and we will be working our buns off to get it finished and to Netflix!," Henderson wrote on Twitter.

"Thanks to our incredible cast and crew for working hard and safe and delivering a kickass finale!"

Fans have been begging to know when Lucifer would return (

In case you needed a reminder, the series follows Lucifer Morningstar (aka the devil) as he moves from the depths of hell to upmarket Los Angeles, in the hope of a change of scene.

Lucifer starts off running a nightclub before eventually becoming an LAPD consultant.

The first half of season five was an absolute hit with Lucifans - it even shattered the previous record held by The Umbrella Academy in becoming the biggest TV opening debut on Netflix since the introduction of the top 10 feature.

And *spoiler alert* the final few episodes built up some tense storylines after Lucifer (played by Ellis) was shot and his love interest Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) was kidnapped.

This all happened as Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) found out her new boyfriend was not all he seemed. Well actually, he was really a serial killer....and we thought we had bad taste in men.

Anyway, all of this led up to an extremely intense final scene - even God appeared - finishing with a cliffhanger that has left fans begging for more.

"WHY TF DID LUCIFER JUST END LIKE THAT!? WHEN IS PART 2? WHERE IT IS?" posted one frustrated fan to Twitter.

Lucifer is now filming its final season (

Tom Ellis has teased that we can expect the conclusion to season 5 around "Christmastime or early next year."

We don't yet have a date for season 6's drop, or any info on the top-secret plot, but we'll update you as soon as we know more.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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