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​'Winter Love Island' 2020: Your First Official Look At The Contestants

​'Winter Love Island' 2020: Your First Official Look At The Contestants

The line-up has finally been revealed...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Along with the rest of the nation, we've been eagerly awaiting the return of Love Island to our TV screens. And with the show now just mere days away, we can finally reveal the official line-up of contestants.

Are you ready to have your head turned? Good.

The official Love Island line up includes people from all walks of life, from singers and coffee bean salesmen, to two VIP hostesses (who are twins FYI), beauty consultants and even an heir (not to the throne, unfortunately, but to a huge chunk of land).

It looks set to be the most explosive lineup yet. But will any of the new cohort manage to match last year's Ovie Soko for pure, unadultered coolness? Or Maura Higgins for fanny fluttering hilarity? Or Michael Griffiths' infamous snakey-ness? Only time will tell.

We cannot wait to see how they get on. Meet the contestants...

Leanne Amaning, 22, London, Customer Service Advisor

Leanne's celebrity crush is Gerard Butler (

Leanne rates herself highly at a 10/10 and we are here for that kind of confidence. She says: "If you don't love yourself, who will?" Amen to that.

We are, however, not here for the fact that she admits to telling white lies, is only loyal if she really likes you and claims "there's no such thing as girl code" if you're not close friends. She's not "loyal, babe".

Siânnise Fudge, 25, Bristol, Beauty Consultant

Siânnise says her eyebrows are her best feature (

Self-proclaimed "sassy" Siânnise is a little more modest than some of her co-stars and feels unable to rate herself.

She's heading into the villa to find her very own Aladdin - with her friends dubbing her Princess Jasmine.

If you hadn't guessed, she's into her Disney, and watching one of the animated films with a pizza is her idea of a perfect date.

Eve and Jess Gale, both 20, London, Students & VIP Hostesses

Twins Eve and Jess say they have the utmost respect for Girl Code (

Twins! Yes, in a series first for the girls, Eve and Jess are heading into the villa as a pair. We have seen male twins in Love Island before, though - cast your mind back to Tony and John Alberti in 2015.

They both claim to be confident and fun-loving and it's clear they won't be doing the grafting in the villa as they'd rather be chased.

They're in high demand too, with Kylie Jenner's ex Tyga allegedly once messaging Eve on Instagram asking to meet up in Ibiza. Say whattt?

Shaughna Phillips, 25, London, Democratic Services Officer

Shaughna says people never expect her to be so clever (

Shaughna is intelligent and wants to be able to chat about the news with her man, but she's not just brains, with someone once saying if she was on the McDonald's menu she'd be the "McGorgeous". No wonder he wasn't a keeper.

She sounds pretty loyal too, saying she could not cheat and would never go near anyone's boyfriend.

Sophie Piper, 21, Essex, Medical PA

Sophie can balance a Malteser in her cheek dimples (

If Sophie looks familiar to you, it's because she's Rochelle Humes' little sister. Quite the resemblance, we think you'll agree!

We're hoping she'll be fun in the villa and doesn't just snooze all the time, as sleeping is her worst habit and she admits she'd "literally would sleep anywhere". Good thing there's a n blaring alarm to wake everyone up in the morning in the villa, eh?

Paige Turley, 22, West Lothian, Singer

Paige says she's naturally flirty (

Sounds like Paige is set to bring the fun to the house, describing herself as "loud," "boisterous" and "fun" and it sounds like she can sing, as she made it to the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent as a solo singer when she was 14.

Paige has another serious claim to fame too, having dated fellow singer Lewis Capaldi when she was younger - and yes, they're still pals!

Mike Boateng, 24, London, Police Officer

Mike's celebrity crushes are Beyoncé and Rihanna (

Mike is a pretty confident guy who describes himself as "charming," "charismatic" and with "piercing eyes that look into your soul".

This police officer doesn't mind using his handcuffs as a tool for a chat up line and he is happy to step on toes in the villa to find true love, but how well it will work out we don't know with a self-confessed wandering eye...

Connor Durman, 25, Brighton, Coffee Bean Salesman

Connor's celebrity crush is Maya Jama (

Connor is a huge humous fan, regularly devouring an entire pot every day (we can relate), and says that girls "love his hands". Sure OK, why not.

We think most will love his bod too, which he was more than happy to show off as a naked waiter whilst living in Sydney.

While he says he knows what he wants now since living abroad for the past four years, he once went back to a girls' house for drinks after a date and ended up hooking up with her house mate instead. Sounds a little bit snakey if you ask us.

Callum Jones, 23, Manchester, Scaffolder

Callum is a cheeky chap with builders' banter (

Loyal Callum says his eyes won't wander in the villa, with the motto "you can look but you can't touch".

Given that he loves to cook, with Thai food his speciality and his ideal date a river cruise at sunset, he sounds a bit too good to be true?

Nas Majeed, 23, London, Sports Science Graduate & Builder

Nas is after a girl who is cute and funny (

Nas claims to be "well-rounded" and "considerate" and different to the guys that have starred previously on Love Island.

Conveniently, Nas' celebrity crush is Naomi Scott who plays Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin remake...he'll be pleased to meet Siânnise then.

Ollie Williams, 23, Cornwall

Ollie's ideal woman is blonde, athletic and funny (

Meet the heir to Lanhydrock in Cornwall, Ollie, who will one day inherit the title of Lord.

He doesn't sound too regal though, loving being the centre of attention and happy to be the butt of jokes - although his ideal date is a twelve course tasting menu with paired wines, which is pretty fancy.

We wonder if the brand new islanders will be each other's types on paper?! We can't wait to watch them arrive and take part in the brutal coupling up ceremony when the show drops this Sunday.

We're set to see them shack up in a brand new villa in South Africa rather than the usual Mallorca and the programme has a new host too - Laura Whitmore, 34. But don't fret, her boyfriend Iain Stirling, 31, will still be the hilarious voiceover - he is one of the key reasons we watch after all.

Bring on a shiny new season, perfect for an otherwise dreary month when all we want to do is hide away from the cold and binge-watch telly.

And while we're expecting serious amounts of hookups and a bit of romance thrown in, we're also ready for some serious pies and snakey behaviour as per. It is what it is, after all.

Love Island starts Sunday at 9pm on ITV2

Featured Image Credit: ITV2

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