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Shaughna Devastated As She Learns of Callum’s Kiss On Tonight’s ‘Love Island’

Shaughna Devastated As She Learns of Callum’s Kiss On Tonight’s ‘Love Island’

Our hearts.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Shaughna Phillips is faced with fresh heart-ache tonight on Love Island, as Callum Jones locks lips with another woman while in Casa Amor.

We all saw Callum's saucy snog with Molly Smith last night during the teaser for today's show, but the brand new ITV spoiler clip has now shown poor Shaughna's reaction to him puckering up - and it isn't pretty.

While we don't know for sure, it looks like the kiss we saw last night is likely to have happened during a game named Raunchy Race, where the islanders have to perform sexy challenges in a battle against the clock with the other villa.

And the teaser shows the crushing moment Shaughna, 25, puts two and two together and realises Callum is set to snog someone else, hearing that the tallest boy in each villa has to kiss the girl they fancy the most.

We all saw Callum's kiss with Molly last night (

"Wait, who is the tallest boy?," Paige nervously asks.

Before Shaughna answers that it's Callum, and instantly puts her head in her hands.

While the news that Callum has puckered up in the challenge is no doubt a blow for Shaughna, unfortunately it looks like its only set to get worse, as we know he's set to share a bed with Mancunian model Molly tonight.

And when quizzed on whether he'd lock lips with her if she tried, the bashful scaffolder was unable to give a straight answer, instead just looking majorly awkward and smirking in her direction.

Shaugna doesn't look happy when she realises Callum has had a snog (


Of course, our gal Shaughna has been nothing but loyal back in the main villa, shutting down the romantic advances of anybody who came her way, and even opting to sleep on the day beds with Paige tonight so that she doesn't have to cosy up to any of the new lads.

If only she knew what Callum was up to.

One thing is for sure, we will certainly be watching tonight's episode through our fingers...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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