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Shaughna Phillips Is Quickly Becoming Our Favourite 'Love Island' Star With Her Witty One-Liners

Shaughna Phillips Is Quickly Becoming Our Favourite 'Love Island' Star With Her Witty One-Liners

This girl is on fire.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

We're a few episodes into a box-fresh series of Love Island which means we're starting to get a sense of the contestants beyond their six packs and blinding tans.

The troublemakers. The loyal ones. The resident comedians. We've got them all worked out.

But already, it's clear there's one Islander stealing the crown for entertainment value, and winning us over with her sassy one-liners, blunt honesty and killer facial expressions.

We are, of course, talking about Shaughna Phillips.

Democratic Services Officer Shaughna - who wants a man who she can "chat about the news with" - first caught our eye back in her VT, with her hilarious account of an ex who told her that if she was on the McDonald's menu she'd be the "McGorgeous".

He's an ex for a reason, then.

On the first night Shaughna coupled up with tatted scaffolder Callum Jones (

Shaughna's had a bad run of luck early on in the series. She coupled up with scaffolder Callum Jones on the first night, but the match was doomed by the entrance of twins Jess and Eve, who both took a shine to the tattooed Mancunian.

In an explosive recoupling, Eve went on to pick Callum, while Jess trod on the toes of Leanne Amaning, choosing her match Mike Boateng. A double date for the twins and their new beaus followed, and Leanne and Shaughna were left fuming back at the villa.

And let's just say... angry Shaughna is even better TV.

The reality TV newbie was quick to blast Callum as he went off with Eve, raging: "I'd rather find out on day two that he's a wet wipe than on day 17."

But the sassy one-liners didn't stop there. At the end of the date, the twins made their return to the villa, and approached Leanne and Shaughna for a chat.

"How are you guys feeling about it?" they quizzed.

Not one to hide how she really feels, Shaunghna's one-word reply was "sh*t". That cleared that one up, then.

Eve tried to offer an olive branch, saying: "If you want to have a private chat, I'm up for going for a private chat if you want to later."

But Shaungha was in no mood to play ball with the woman who stole her man, replying: "There's not much to say." Oh snap.

If Shauna's straight-talking remarks didn't get the message across, her stone cold face during the entire conversation definitely did. At least she was being transparent, right?!

"Oi if looks could kill, Shaughna would've offed these twins quickly LOOOL #LoveIsland," one fan wrote after watching the painful encounter.

While another agreed: Shaughna is too funny, she literally has NO filter I love it".

A third chipped in: "Shaughna is my fave. What you see is what you get".

Mike later did his best to reassure Shaughna, saying: "I know Callum likes you, 100%."

And when Callum (finally) pulled her for a chat, he was keen to reassure her that there was still potential between them.

However, speaking in the Beach Hut soon afterwards, she ranted: "I need a man, not a son".

Amen to that. While some islanders are in it for the fame and money, it seems like she's just being her true, authentic self.

The Democratic Services Officer is the queen of killer facial expressions (

She needs a man who can match her fire.

Love Island airs 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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