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‘Love Island’ Drops New Bombshells Wallace And Demi Tonight

‘Love Island’ Drops New Bombshells Wallace And Demi Tonight

Things could get heated...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Love Island is dropping two new bombshells into the ITV villa tonight.

The arrival of Luke Mabbott and Luke Trotman has already caused a lot of chaos and rows in the past few days.

But now even more drama is set to ensue, as a new teaser has shown a handsome brunette hunk and a red haired beauty arriving in the South African villa ready to cause all sorts of mischief.

Strutting onto the scene with cheeky smirks on their faces, newbies Wallace Wilson and Demi Jones certainly don't look like they're coming to mess about.

Wallace and Demi smirk as they arrive in the villa (

And, as expected, the OG islanders are shown to have a very mixed reaction to their arrival.

While the footage shows flirty Rebecca Gromley squealing with delight as she spots the new hunk strutting in, some of the more settled stars, like Paige Turley and Shaughna Phillips, look far less impressed at the arrival of yet more newcomers.

It's never plain sailing, is it?!

As the arrive, both newbies will be given the chance to take the islanders they fancy on a dinner date.

The islanders have very mixed responses to the arrivals (

A text informs the group that both Wallace and Demi will choose three people to woo them: One will make them a starter, one a main, and one a dessert.

But who have they both got their eyes on? And how will their choices go down with the rest of the jealous islanders, who will no doubt be watching the dates unfold keenly from the balcony?

Here's a little more information about our latest Love Island bombshells...

Demi Jones, 21, a style advisor from Portsmouth

Demi Jones is on the hunt for love (

Demi Jones works at a boutique as a style advisor, but she's putting her life in Portsmouth on hold in the hope she'll find a "macho, mature" man to sweep her off her feet.

The 21-year-old has teased: "I like cheekiness, also at the same time they've got to make me laugh". And guess what? They've finally sent someone in who fancies Nas Majeed! Yaaas.

While Demi has Nas in her sights, Paige should watch out too, as her beau Finn Tapp is also in new girl Demi's sights - and she's not afraid to step on anybody's toes.

"If I started falling for someone that a girl had feelings for or had a thing with in the past, I'd have to be honest and not be all sly about it," she added.

We're sure that'll go down a treat...

Wallace Wilson, 24, is a personal trainer from Inverness

Bombshell Wallace Wilson has a wandering eye... (

Personal trainer Wallace Wilson, 24, describes himself as "confident, funny and energetic" and rates himself a strong eight out of 10 in the looks department.

He's got his eyes on Paige, Siânnise Fudge and Sophie Piper, and (sorry boys) he thinks that "stepping on toes is life".

"It's just what happens," he added before entering the villa. "You've got to look after number one.

"I think with boy code, as long as you have a conversation first with the guy then it's open for whatever you want to do."

While Wallace has entered the villa to find The One, he admits he can have a wandering eye at times, too.

"I could have a wandering eye but I'd be honest about it," he added.

Sounds like Wallace isn't afraid of rocking the boat, either...

We don't yet know the outcome of last night's twist (

The pair's arrival comes as Siannise and Nas were saved in last night's show, leaving Sophie and Connor Durman at risk of leaving, and no longer allowed to remain as a romantic couple.

We don't yet know whether Sophie or Connor are given the boot, and whether the other will choose to follow and leave the villa, too.

Looks like tonight's episode is going to be jam packed...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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