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Love Island Fans Back Kaz After Toby Dumps Her For Chloe

Love Island Fans Back Kaz After Toby Dumps Her For Chloe

She may have lost her man, but Kaz has the backing of an entire nation.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Love Island saw yet another split in its latest episode, with Kaz and Toby biting the dust after Chloe intervened.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Chloe decided that Toby, who has been partnered with Kaz since the very beginning, was 'her type on paper' - and thought now was the time to do something about it.

In the police-themed strip challenge Line of Booty, Chloe decided to ramp up the heat by grabbing Toby, giving him a passionate kiss right in front of a bemused Kaz.

Watch the video below.

And the new display of affection from Chloe saw Toby's head turn 180 degrees, deciding to cool things off with Kaz permanently to develop things with Chloe.

In scenes that left fans completely agog, Toby and Chloe snuck off to the balcony only minutes after Toby dumped Kaz to start snogging.

And it seems Love Island fans are choosing to support Kaz in the ITV2 show's latest love triangle, taking to Twitter to back their girl.

Chloe and Toby started snogging immediately (

"Toby, you've literally just broke it off with Kaz less than a second ago and, this is what you're doing?" one person wrote. "I'm fuming!"

"It's the fact that Chloe was Kaz's friend and didn't even take her for a chat before deciding to make a move on Toby!" a second raged.

"Kaz literally had to beg this man for a kiss, yet he's sucking spit with Chloe when they've only been talking a few hours," a third added, while a fourth said: "Kaz babe, you deserve the world - Toby and Chloe are f***ing snakes."

Chloe explained her behaviour in the challenge (

Kaz herself wasn't afraid to call out Chloe's behaviour, taking to the beach hut to call her "shady" and adding that her former friend "had no girl code."

Later on in the episode, Kaz pulled Chloe for a chat to explain her actions, with the pair having an awkward tete a tete.

"You could have kissed his cheek or his hand!" Kaz said, to which Chloe responded that Toby was "her type on paper" as well as repeating "Do you know what I mean?"

Viewers believe Kaz deserved better (

Meanwhile, the boys were quick to quiz Toby on his feelings, seeing him privately admit he didn't have an immediate spark with Kaz like how he does with Chloe.

Fingers crossed Kaz finds the man she deserves!

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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