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Love Island Fans Couldn't Get Enough Of Kaz's 'Iconic' Moment

Love Island Fans Couldn't Get Enough Of Kaz's 'Iconic' Moment

All hail queen Kaz, tbh.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Things are set to get tense in Love Island, as four of our Islanders are looking to woo new arrival Teddy to ensure their place in the villa.

However, the arrival of the 26-year-old finance consultant into Majorca has stirred up interest among some of the other girls, who are also interested in going steady with Teddy.

You can watch the video here.

Someone who may have her eye on the new boy is Chloe, despite having made moves towards Toby just days before while he was still coupled up with Kaz.

However, Kaz is more than ready to slap down her former love rival, and decides to put a spanner in the works (we love to see it).

While Kaz is sat talking to fellow single Islanders Faye and Sharon, the threesome turn their attention to Teddy and Chloe looking fairly cosy after she quizzes him about the four dates he went on last night.

Kaz makes her move (

"Oh, Chloe is talking to Teddy," Kaz said. "It would be such a shame for someone to interrupt that conversation."

Kaz then asked if she could have a private chat with Teddy, leaving Chloe to walk away awkwardly mid-graft.

And fans were quick to lay praise at Kaz's feet for not being afraid to throw shade at Chloe, particularly after she stole and snogged Toby without telling Kaz about her interest in her partner.

People loved Kaz's sly behaviour (

"Kaz, that was iconic!" a Kaz enthusiast wrote on Twitter, alongside a meme of a woman laughing.

Another added: "Catching up with Love Island and Kaz is becoming one of my faves. She's so iconic."

Chloe and Teddy were getting cosy, so Kaz intervened (

"Kaz interrupting Chloe/Teddy, go on babe!" a third cheered, while a fourth whooped: "Yes Kaz!"

"Kaz pulling Teddy away from Chloe? Yes! Yes! Yes!" celebrated another.

However, as much as we are all rooting for Kaz to keep her place in the villa, she does find herself at risk if she fails to couple up.

Others are hoping Teddy and Kaz get closer (

Has she done enough to woo Teddy? Or will she have to pack her bags?

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV 2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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