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The 'Love Island' Girls Served Up A Masterclass In Game Face Last Night

The 'Love Island' Girls Served Up A Masterclass In Game Face Last Night

Shout out to Demi and Shaughna for keeping their cool.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

This year's Love Island-ers have taught us a LOT. There was the 'butter churner' sex position and let's not forget Jess' invaluable wisdom that 11 is the "freshest" number.

But last night, the girls - specifically Shaughna Phillips and Demi Jones - gave us all a masterclass in how to handle a difficult situation like an utter queen.

The nation was left reeling when the boys returned from Casa Amor last night. And let's face it, it was a *difficult* watch - even through our fingers.

As Demi stood up to reveal her plans to stick with Nas, the OG girls only had to look in Luke M's direction to see exactly what was about to happen. He literally looked like he was going to cry.

Demi was gutted when Nas returned with Eva (

Explaining she felt the pair had a great connection - and hoping they could continue 'getting to know each other' in the main villa - Demi admitted she was gutted when Nas walked in with Eva Zapico.

But Shaughna - who was yet to be dealt her own fate - whispered to Demi to get her attention before reminding her with a quick hand gesture to stay cool and collected among the drama.

*That* is the kind of gal we need in our lives.

"I feel gutted. Genuinely I feel gutted. I feel like I didn't have enough time with Nas, but it is what it is at the end of the day," said Demi.

Nas - who looked ridden with guilt - said: "It's not a nice feeling. I can't fault you Demi, you've been amazing. I just feel like in the short space of time I was with Eva in Casa Amor, we did have a better connection."

Demi was praised online for keeping her cool, with many viewers also giving Shaughna a shout out for having her back.

Shaughna kept her cool among the drama (

And last but certainly not least, Shaughna stood up to find out whether Callum had decided to recouple.

Obviously, Luke M's face was a picture of sorrow yet again.

Viewers at home were prepared for the news, but Shaughna, who had no idea what was about to happen, handled the situation like a true pro.

As one fan on Twitter pointed out, she didn't cry or "go f***ing mad" - as Callum predicted - instead, she maintained her composure as the scaffolder arrived with new bae Molly.

Callum returned with Molly (

One fan wrote: "Shaughna handled that like an absolute boss queen! Yass gal."

"Shaughna took it on the chin like a champ, she didn't break down or nothing and I really hope she finds her guy," wrote another.

One viewer admitted she would have "flipped the fire pit" in Shaughna's position, while another praised the 25-year-old for "making the series".

"Shaughna's poker face was on point. She's made the series and without her it would have been boring af," they tweeted.

Luke M's face was dishing out all the clues (

Last night's episode also saw Mike couple up with Priscilla - who he described as "wifey material" in what felt like major shade towards Jess, who recoupled with Ched.

Meanwhile, Paige and Siannise learnt that their boys, Finn and Luke T, had remained loyal and tbh we were crying tears of joy at those shining moments.

The explosive episode was left on a cliffhanger, however, with viewers yet to hear Callum's explanation or see the full aftermath of the recoupling.

We can only hope the girls keep their heads held high - but if last night was anything to go by, we're sure our queens will.

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