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Love Island's Brad McClelland Admits He Will Wait For Bombshells As He Pies Off Faye

Love Island's Brad McClelland Admits He Will Wait For Bombshells As He Pies Off Faye

Brad won’t fake it with anyone.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We're only three days in to Love Island season seven - yet we've already been left floored by all the drama.

Not only has the lovely Shannon been dumped for the island (after less than 48 hours, bless her), but a couple seems to be on the rocks already - and that's putting it politely.

Watch the video below.

After Brad quietly admitted to the boys that he fancied Faye 'less and less' each day, Faye herself had noticed something wasn't quite right between them.

But Brad took things from zero all the way to one hundred during a drinking game, in which he was asked to snog the Islander he fancied the most, and the Islander he fancied the least - planting a kiss on bombshell Chloe and then on Faye.

Naturally, Brad's actions (and we were really starting to like him!) resulted in a huge row between the pair, culminating in Faye calling him a c***. Nice.

Things got tense between Faye and Brad (

But it turns out, we shouldn't really be too surprised at Brad's behaviour, as he did reveal he planned to "wait for the bombshells" all along.

Speaking to Tyla before he entered the villa, the 26-year-old explained: "The more I think about it, the more I've been like, I'm just going to enjoy the experience.

"If there's someone in the villa and I click with them, and it all fits in, by all means, I'll pursue that.

"I'm going to keep waiting for the bombshells to drop and see what happens."

The labourer (yes, labourer, not Libra) added that he wasn't going to fake a relationship to secure a place in the villa - and he's certainly not done that with Faye.

Brad is looking for bombshells (

"I'm not going to force something for the sake of it," he said. "I'm not going to do that because people think that should happen."

But while he may have his sights firmly set on Chloe, Brad previously said his 'type' was very different to both her and Faye.

"In my head, my 'type' is dark hair, dark eyes, nice tan and white teeth," he said. "I want someone easy-going and not uptight."

Chloe certainly has spiced up the villa (

Two new boys (one inexplicably called Chuggs, no less) are heading into the villa in tonight's episode.

But when a brunette bombshell finally drops, will Brad be swayed again?

Love Island continues weeknights on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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