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Love Island And Aftersun Pushed Back For England Match On Sunday

Love Island And Aftersun Pushed Back For England Match On Sunday

We're just not sure we can stay up this late!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you're a mega Love Island fan - and not that into football - you might be disappointed to hear that Sunday's instalment of the reality show - and Aftersun - are both delayed due to the EUROs final match between England and Italy at Wembley.

With the football kicking off at 8pm, Love Island will begin at 10pm on ITV2 with Aftersun starting immediately after at 11pm.

Not gonna' lie, that's way past our bedtime, but with the prospect of football coming home, we'll definitely be tuning into the match!

Love Island has been delayed due to the EUROs final (

And there's no guarantee the footie won't go into extra time, with the semi final continuing into 30 minutes of extra time on Wednesday.

When Love Island was postponed for the EUROs semi-final earlier this week, fans were not happy in the slightest.

One wrote: "If England doesn't win after @LoveIsland has been postponed ITV owes me money."

While another added: "I can't believe love island had been postponed tonight, i want to watch real national treasures not some stupid match."

Love Island will air at 10pm (

And one said: "Mood because #LoveIsland has been postponed because of the England match."

While a fourth added: "I reckon the football should get delayed for love Island not the other way round."

However, some admitted to getting so into the football, they didn't even consider switching over to Love Island when it began at 10pm.

One wrote on Twitter: "Not me putting on the match since love island was postponed and being too invested to change to ITV2 at 10."

We can totally relate to this!

The match will take place at Wembley (

Sunday's episode of Love Island is often drama-filled, with the show not airing on a Saturday - so we may have to stay up for this one!

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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