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Love Island: Toby Admits To Kaz He Kissed Chloe After Dumping Her

Love Island: Toby Admits To Kaz He Kissed Chloe After Dumping Her

Toby pulls Kaz for a chat after he kissed Chloe moments after dumping her in Thursday's episode.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Love Island fans and current Islander Kaz were completely blindsided after Toby decided to dump her pursue Chloe.

In Thursday's episode, Toby admitted to Kaz that he finds Chloe "intriguing" and the pair, who had been coupled up since the first episode, officially headed to Splitsville.

Toby tells Kaz he and Chloe snogged again after the challenge (

Not long after Kaz and Toby's break-up, Chloe and the footballer made their way to the terrace for a snog after they locked lips earlier in the day in the Line of Booty challenge.

Viewers will see the awkward aftermath on Friday as Toby decides to come clean to Kaz about the smooch.

Speaking with Kaz at the fire pit, Toby says: "I was speaking to her [Chloe] and it's just good. It's led to somewhere. I feel like it's more than friends. We have kissed outside the challenge."

Toby feels compelled to tell Kaz everything that has unfolded between him and Chloe (

Kaz, who has clearly been blindsided once again, says: "You kissed? As in today or yesterday?"

Toby says: "I kissed her last night. Yesterday, with everything happening I thought it would be best to tell you today."

Before pulling Kaz for a chat, Toby says in the beach hut: "A part of me is definitely nervous to speak to Kaz because the way I progressed with Kaz was very slow. But with Chloe it went zero to hundred miles per hour."

Chloe and Toby started snogging immediately (

Before the Line of Booty challenge on Thursday, new girl Lucinda quizzed Chloe about who was her type in the villa, as she's currently in a friendship-pairing with Hugo.

"My type is Toby. He is my type on paper but I just love Kaz," she replies, which is news to us all.

Determined to act on her feelings Chloe asks Toby for a chat.

"Out of all the girls here, you intrigue me the most," he says.

"I want to get to know you," Chloe flirts. "Do you want to get to know me?"

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

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