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Love Island: Men Weigh In On Why Jake Is Keeping Liberty At Arm's Length

Love Island: Men Weigh In On Why Jake Is Keeping Liberty At Arm's Length

They seemed so solid, yet Jake is keen to get to know other bombshells.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Oh dear. It's only been one week into Love Island and already, all our couples are starting to implode.

We've got Brad rating Rachel a 'nine' out of 10, Aaron instantly being put off by the fact Sharon is "career driven" and Toby literally being terrified of touching Kaz in case he ends up ditching her.

But it's Liberty and Jake, the couple who seemed the most compatible, that look like they are set for the biggest split after Monday night's dramatic episode.

Watch the video below.

Despite spending a romantic night together in the Hideaway, and the pair sharing a romantic brunch the following morning, Jake decided it was the perfect time to tell Liberty that he would be interested in cracking on with bombshells if they were his type.

"If a girl was to come in here and she was my type - and you know my type," Jake said, "I would want to get to know her. I would. We're here for the same reason.

"Like if there was a lad who was to come in here who was your type, then you should still get to know him."

Jake told Liberty about how he was feeling (

The conversation was news to Liberty, who had put her eggs firmly in Jake's basket.

Confiding to Faye and Kaz, she explained: "I feel like I'm being really vulnerable around him, but that's also a scary thing for me as well.

"He did say to me if a blonde girl comes in here, then he'd give her the time of day to get to know her as well."

Jake's behaviour towards Liberty prompted many men to speculate why he was so keen to hold her at arm's length, despite the pair seeming to fit together so well.

Writer Jason Okundaye shared his thoughts on Twitter, explaining: "What's frustrating is that Jake and Liberty actually do seem compatible. I don't even think he's not attracted to her.

One man explained why he thought Jake wasn't cosying up to Liberty (

"Men just want to have all the options in the world and sit on their ass whilst the woman is putting in work."

Other men have since put their two-cents worth in on the situation.

"This format teaches boys that there is always something 'better' coming next," one person chipped in.

"I think it's just friends vibes with him," another bloke said. "Like sees her as one of the lads almost..."

Another believed that Jake wasn't that into Liberty at all (

A third man explained: "Jake has lured Liberty in so much I think she is in too deep. He was saying one thing to the boys and another to her and was stringing her along.

"However, now it's time for Liberty to fight back and confront Jake for his actions. Then Liberty can move on with a new boy."

"Jake will dump Liberty in Casa Amor," another boy theorised. "Just like Michael did with Amber in 2019."

Many think Jake just isn't interested in Liberty at all (

While a final lad believes: "Jake likes Liberty but believes he could do better."

We really hope Jake wakes up and sees how amazing Liberty is.

Love Island continues weekdays and Sundays on ITV2.

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