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Love Island: Hugo Hammond 'Humiliated' As He's Last To Be Picked In 'Line Of Booty' Task

Love Island: Hugo Hammond 'Humiliated' As He's Last To Be Picked In 'Line Of Booty' Task

The PE teacher was picked last... again.

Unity Blott

Unity Blott

Love Island fans have leapt to the defence of PE teacher Hugo Hammond after he found himself 'humiliated' once again during last night's episode.

Thursday night's instalment saw contestants take part in a 'Line of Booty' police-themed task where the girls picked a boy of their choice to frisk before giving them a kiss.

But history repeated itself when none of the girls picked 24-year-old cricketer Hugo, who was also left standing back in episode one when no one stepped forward to couple up with him.

You can watch the scene here:

Speaking during last night's task Hugo, who was visibly upset, could be heard muttering: "Not humiliating t all..."

And fans at home were equally upset, with one tweeting: "NO ONE PICKED HUGO IM GONNA CRY PLEASE WE NEED TO RESCUE HIM."

Another wrote: "Not turning up to work tomorrow coz I'm hopping on a plane to rescue Hugo."

A third added: "Dear Love Island, send me to the villa to rescue our dear Hugo coz he deserves better."

Hugo, who was born with a club foot, has been dubbed the show's 'first disabled contestant' although former Islander stant Niall Aslam, who has Asperger's Syndrome, has previously spoken about the difficulties of life in the villa.

Hugo admitted he was 'humiliated' during last night's episode (

Speaking about his disability ahead of the show, Hugo said: "If I can set a great example and show people that having a disability doesn't mean you can't be mainstream or it doesn't mean that I don't have a right to find love and things like that, then that would be great.

"I would love to be the torch bearer for that."

Love Island continued tonight at 9pm on ITV2

Featured Image Credit: ITV2