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Love Island Fans Think They've Worked Out Who Made Hugo Cry

Love Island Fans Think They've Worked Out Who Made Hugo Cry

Things looked tense at the end of Love Island on Monday.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We're literally only one week into Love Island, and already things are on the brink of an all-mighty kick-off.

Monday night's episode showed more or less every couple is set to implode - Faye and Liam are disinterested in each other, Brad's told Rachel she's 'a nine out of 10' and encouraged her to crack on elsewhere, Aaron doesn't like Sharon's 'career driven' mentality, and Jake's openly told Liberty that if another blonde girl walked into the villa, he's willing to get to know her.

The only pair where things seem to be going swimmingly is Hugo and Chloe - and they openly admit they're only mates. But even then, that doesn't exempt them from the drama.

You can see a teaser below.

The first look at Tuesday night's episode showed things getting tense in the villa, with Hugo in tears and apologising profusely to a thoroughly-unimpressed Sharon.

And fans have taken to Twitter to share their theories at what prompted such an outpouring of emotion from Hugo.

Many people it's to do with the shakiness of Liberty and Jake's relationship, particularly as Hugo is one of the only boys who seemed to know Jake's real feelings.

Hugo was left in tears by the events of what's to come (

"Theory: Jakes head is turned, it comes out that Hugo knew how Jake was feeling, Faye rips him a new one," one person proposed.

Another said: "Not feeling sorry for Hugo in that clip where he is crying. He knows what Jake has been saying behind Liberty's back, he knows full well he isn't into her and yet he was still quick to call out their names for the Hideaway."

Others guessed that Hugo may have told the girls about Aaron's snide remarks about Sharon.

Hugo begs Sharon about how he could make it up to her (

"I'm guessing Hugo let slip that Aaron isn't feeling Sharon's comments about children etc? His little face?! And crying?! We must protect him at all costs," one person wrote.

People got emotional at seeing poor Hugo in tears (

A second chipped in: "Hugo said something and has upset Sharon. BUT the clip of Faye saying 'I don't care if he's upset' will be about another boy."

But there's one thing all Love Island fans could agree on - Hugo must be protected at all costs.

Fans are prepared to protect Hugo at all costs (

"Just watched the new Love Island episode and I'm just wondering what could Hugo have possibly said to cause all this commotion," one person wrote, adding a crying emoji.

"Who made Hugo cry, I wanna fight!" added a second.

Others were less sympathetic (

"Whoever made Hugo cry better watch out."

Love Island is on weeknights at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub . The episodes are available to stream on BritBox the following morning.

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