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Love Island: Brad And Kaz's Secret Balcony Chat Revealed

Love Island: Brad And Kaz's Secret Balcony Chat Revealed

And it’s not what we were expecting.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Love Island has only been on for one week now, and already we have so many questions.

Who will Rachel pick to couple up with? Why does she think coq au vin is duck, not chicken? And when will Jake talk about how he's feeling to Liberty?

We may not know the answers to the above, but one question that was on our lips for most of last week has finally been resolved - we finally know what Brad and Kaz were talking about in that intimate chat on the balcony.

Watch the video below.

Cast your minds back to Tuesday last week, where the pair were seen having a quiet chat away from the rest of the other Islanders on the balcony - before someone 'got a text', forcing the pair to cut their tete a tete short.

Many viewers were left wondering why the pair had snuck off together for a chat - suspicions that were fuelled by the Love island Twitter account, which shared a picture of Kaz and Brad talking before captioning the post 'just leaving this here'.

But after days of speculation, it seems we were all wrong about Brad and Kaz's heart to heart, with Love Island: Unseen Bits airing what really happened - and it's safe to say it's almost nonsensical.

What were they talking about? (
Twitter/Love island)

"At the minute - like - so, I obviously... I wanna... Nah," Brad begins.

"So for me or me at the minute it's like, I was like 'I'll give you the downside on my side' but like, so, the more you get like...the more you...

"So say for instance, like, I was like..."

But Brad's struggle to get his words out is cut short when someone downstairs gets a text, and the pair head downstairs.

Brad struggled to get his words out (

And after days of fuming at the Love Island producers for not showing us what was clearly thought to be an important chat, many quickly took to Twitter to apologise.

"I would just like to issue an apology to the producers. No wonder you didn't show us the chat between Kaz and Brad," one person said.

Another added: "What was that convo between Brad and Kaz?!"

Fans were left disappointed at the outcome of the chat (

We may not see another Brad chat in the villa for much longer however, as Love Island ended on a tense cliffhanger which sees Rachel about to announce who she is going to pair up with - and who she's sending home.

But will Brad be the man for her? Or has Chuggs won her over?

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV2

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