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Loose Women Viewers Divided Over 'Keep It Real' Body Stories Campaign

Loose Women Viewers Divided Over 'Keep It Real' Body Stories Campaign

The Body Stories 2021 campaign has led to some criticism after the Loose Women panelists appear to be wearing make-up.

The Tyla Team

The Tyla Team

Loose Women launched their body positivity campaign on Monday featuring the panellists in before-and-after shots to highlight the effect of body-tuning apps.

The aim of the Body Stories campaign is to explore exploring we can make a change to ensure there is more transparency when posting edited images on social media.

However some viewers have pointed out that the ladies had access to professional hair, makeup and lighting ahead of the shoot, including footage of Denise Welch in a make-up chair.

You can see a video from behind-the-scenes of the campaign below:

A group picture featuring Nadia Sawalha, Stacey Solomon, Denise Welch, Coleen Nolan, Frankie Bridge, Linda Robson, Kelle Bryan, Kaye Adams, Brenda Edwards and Jane Moore prompted a debate on Twitter.

One woman replied: "The irony of all the women talking about filters and altering your image while sitting in the make-up chair!"

Another viewer shared: "Fair play but you are all on TV now after spending hours in make-up which is editing yourself. If you want to keep it real then actually keep it real."

Some viewers criticised the use of studio lighting and make-up (

A third Twitter user critiqued the photo and the campaign for appearing to use studio lighting and make-up despite it's message. She said: "This is a very worthy campaign, but can we talk about the ladies getting studio photos taken with beauty lighting, plus professional hair & makeup every day for the show (with flattering lighting). If this isn't 'filtering' then what is?"

She added: "The reason a lot of women use some filters on their phone is because in real life there isn't always flattering lighting, & modern camera phones show more detail than we actually see with the naked eye. I just want to look how I see myself in the mirror."

The Body Stories campaign received some criticism online (

One Twitter user asked: "Is the picture not filtered? Because it looks like it."

Tyla has contacted Loose Women for comment.

Despite the backlash, the campaign also received a lot of support on social media. One woman tried to explain how make-up for TV and editing one's appearance through apps is different. She said: There's a huge difference between using make-up/decent lighting to make yourself look better, as opposed to wiping out any hint of character/life with a filter or excessive editing. Hard not to succumb to though as it's so easy today."

Another woman tweeted: "well done on this campaign. love it. As a 34yr old I don't filter any photos as it can then be depressing looking at the real me in the mirror. I know photos of other females are filtered but still get anxious about not matching up."

A third said: "Absolutely brilliant! Body positivity is so important! We all need to be kinder to ourselves.

"I just want to say how amazing you all look. Beautiful smiles, lovely figures, waist, cleavage, legs, eyes and smiles. You all have such amazing features. Be proud of who you are," one woman tweeted.

Body Stories was first launched in 2017 and has returned this year after recent studies showed nine in 10 young women are editing pictures of themselves.

Another report found more than a third of girls won't post a selfie without a filter and that seeing unrealistic standards of beauty can be bad for mental health.

Some Loose Women viewers saw the benefits of the campaign (

Viewers at home can join by posting unedited pictures of themselves on social media using the hashtag #LWKeepItReal and to be honest when posting images that have been edited.

Loose Women Editor Sally Shelford said in a statement: "Launching Body Stories in 2017 was a defining moment for Loose Women and ever since we've been overwhelmed by the support from women and men, young and old, who want to see more confidence, openness and honesty about our real bodies.

"As we continue this campaign, we're proud to be part of a movement that empowers people to embrace their uniqueness - and we can't wait to see people joining in with the #LWKeepItReal on social media."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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