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Long Lost Family: Born Without A Trace Viewers Left In Tears Over Emotional Twist

Long Lost Family: Born Without A Trace Viewers Left In Tears Over Emotional Twist

Some viewers have called it 'one of the best episodes ever'.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Long Lost Family viewers were left in tears after two sisters who never knew the other existed met each other for the first time.

Viewers watched as Helen Knox explained how she was found in December 1988, then just a few hours old, in a box outside a hospital. Her parents saw her story in the local news and decided to adopt her. Despite having a happy childhood, she always struggled with not knowing about her birth mum.

Helen discovered she had a sister who is also a foundling (

In a shocking turn of events, it is revealed that Helen finds her half-sister Jess and they discover that they were both born within 14 months of each other. Both sisters share the same mother who abandoned them in public spaces. It's believed their birth mother left them where someone could easily find them.

You can watch a clip from their emotional first meeting below:

The foundlings grew up without knowing each other or the identity of their birth parents. Thankfully, they were both adopted by separate families after being taken to hospitals and they grew up happily.

Some viewers have called Helen and Jess' emotional meeting "one of the best episodes ever."

One viewer said: "Crying my eyes out, how lovely are these sisters #LongLostFamily."

The sisters met after not knowing the other existed (

While another wrote: "Omg #LongLostFamily I'm in tears. So amazing birth sisters left as babies in [the] same area have now actually found each other through the show is amazing."

Other viewers commended the sisters' bravery, with one person sharing: "It must be so hard for Jess to sit there knowing she was a foundling and to be contacted about a sister she had no idea existed. It's so brave of her to talk to the camera about it #LonglostFamily."

Viewers were left in floods of tears after the reunion (

One person tweeted: "Got a bit emotional when Helen met her sister. So sad how they was left but found each other all these years later."

We're so happy Helen and Jess found each other!

Long Lost Family: Born Without a Trace can be streamed on the ITV Hub right now.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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