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ITV Is Airing A 'Long Lost Family' Special On People Abandoned As Babies Called 'Born Without Trace'

ITV Is Airing A 'Long Lost Family' Special On People Abandoned As Babies Called 'Born Without Trace'

This looks like a tear-jerker.

Unity Blott

Unity Blott

ITV is airing a Long Lost Family special next week - and it looks like a real tear-jerker.

Starting next week, Born Without Trace will follow the heartbreaking stories of 'foundlings' - people abandoned as babies, often in the first few hours of their lives.

Suffice to say we're already tearing up after watching the trailer, which you can watch here:

The two-part series features the story of a baby boy - now a middle-aged man - who was found in a tartan bag in the front seat of a car near Belfast, and a little girl dumped in a telephone box.

Viewers will also hear the heartbreaking story of a woman still haunted by the knowledge that her mother left her in a public toilet in Warminster when she was just two hours old.

And finally, hosts Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell will meet a woman found inside a corned beef box outside a railway tavern in Greenhithe.

Davina McCall returns alongside Nicky Campbell for the two-part documentary (

All four are searching for answers to the most fundamental questions decades later: when's my birthday; where do I come from; who are my parents and who am I?

The team behind the documentary series will combine DNA technology with 'painstaking detective work' to help the four foundlings uncover their identities, ITV said.

Speaking about the new series, Davina said: "With foundlings, it's hard to even imagine what it's like to know nothing about your start in life. And even one piece of information is everything, when you've previously known nothing.

Reunited brother and sister David McBride and Helen Ward will star in 'Born Without A Trace' (

"For me, to tell them, 'You have a sibling', they have to really absorb that. So the way Nicky and I give information in these situations is just so different.

"It is inconceivable to not know anything about where you came from and suddenly through the miracle of DNA and a lot of amazing detective work from our team, you are presented with birth-family."

Nicky added: "Nicky: Having been adopted myself I usually feel I have some understanding about identity and that feeling of being an imposter in life that lots of people feel, but this is totally beyond that.

Both David and Helen were left in tartan bags on either side of the Irish border (

"The people we have met are extraordinary people. Long Lost Family is incredibly intense and emotional, but this has a completely different type of intensity."

Safe to say we know what we'll be doing on Monday night.

Long Lost Family Special: Born Without Trace is on Monday 1st June and Tuesday 2nd June at 9pm on ITV

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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