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Line Of Duty: Fans Convinced Adrian Dunbar Just Let Slip About A Season 7

Line Of Duty: Fans Convinced Adrian Dunbar Just Let Slip About A Season 7

Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey…

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

It may have drawn to a close earlier this year, but mother of God we are still utterly obsessed with Line of Duty.

And now, actor Adrian Dunbar may have hinted there's more to come. Watch the video below.

After six seasons and nearly a decade of guessing, it was revealed in the very final episode that criminal mastermind and infamous 'fourth man' H was bungling police official Ian Buckells.

But while we can safely say that Line of Duty was still shocking and exhilarating in its finale, others were left disappointed with the big reveal - and are insisting for a follow-up season.

And we may very well be getting the seventh series we most desperately want, after Adrian, who played the Gaffer, Ted Hastings, in the corrupt copper drama, may have teased a few hints at what's to come for AC-12.

Adrian Dunbar would love to be Hastings again (
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Speaking at the BAFTA Television Awards red carpet to comedian Tom Allen, the 62-year-old revealed that himself, as well as his co-stars Vicky McClure and Martin Compston, knew that Buckells was their man all along.

"Absolutely, we knew who H was," he said. "There may be a way to go with all that though.. "We don't know, do we? There's rumours, who knows?"

And fans took Adrian's cryptic comments to mean that there's definitely more Line of Duty on the way.

"Ooooooh, well he didn't rule out the possibility did he?" one armchair detective wrote on Twitter. "And thankfully, neither did he 'no comment' unlike previous interviews with other cast members, so who knows?"

Ian Buckells was exposed as H (

"After the pretty dull ending they kind of have to make another season or be known as yet another show that faded away instead of going out with a bang," a second fan responded.

While a third said: "There's got to be. I refuse to believe that's the ending. There's no way [Buckells] was H."

When Adrian was grilled by Tom about a seventh season, the actor was open about wanting to return to do more with anti-corruption.

"Don't know about that, whether we see another series. I'm sure everybody wants one; we certainly want one," he said.

"But we're very tired, we're getting quite old." Fingers crossed Jed Mercurio is working on a new case for AC-12 to sink their teeth in to!

AC-12 could be back in business once again (

But fans who want another taste of Hastings while we wait for further news of Line of Duty should tune into Adrian's latest cop drama, Ridley.

Adrian's character, Detective Inspector Alex Ridley, finds himself back on the frontline of the force as a consultant detective after he realises his colleague, Carol Farman, needs his assistance on a particularly tricky murder case.

You can read more about that here.

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