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Line Of Duty Fans Spot Possible 'Link' Between Jo Davidson And Burglary

Line Of Duty Fans Spot Possible 'Link' Between Jo Davidson And Burglary

The fans have come up with an interesting theory.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

While we're all counting down the days until the next episode of Line of Duty, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a potential link between DCI Jo Davidson and the boys who carried out the burglary in episode one.

In the first episode of the crime drama, we saw Jo Davidson 'spot' a suspicious looking van on a side street, while the Murder Investigation Team of Hillside Lane Police Station were heading to pick up a suspect in the murder of Gail Vella.

But, with the positioning of the van on a side street, the fast timing and the fact that Davidson redirects the convoy of police vehicles to the van on a hunch made some officers question her motive.

Now it appears that fans have come up with a possible reason for why she could have diverted the police convoy.

In a Reddit thread titled 'Possible theory on the end of episode 4 - am I barking up the wrong tree??', one user wondered if Jo was related to one of the boys arrested for the burglary.

"Apologies if this has already been discussed at length, but what if the family link to Jo is in fact her son, and not an older relative?," they began.

"We are assuming it must be a brother or father - have I missed something that suggests it is definitely someone older?

Could DCI Joanne Davidson be related to one of the boys involved in the burglary? (

"What if it is her son, and her son is Jake? (One of the kids arrested for the robbery in ep 1 and interviewed by Kate & Lomax)."

The Reddit user added that Jake would have been on the nominal database as someone recently arrested and that this would "give the OCG something significant to blackmail her with".

"This could also explain Jo's horror at the end of the episode when Ryan shows her they can still get to people in prison? (When she had said she was 'finished,' perhaps she believed he was safe in prison?)," they added.

It's an interesting theory, though the Reddit user was quick to point out a few flaws with this theory.

"Some issues with this: Ted's 'Mother of God' reaction at the end. Would Ted even know who Jake is to have that reaction?

AC-12 are investigating the Murder Investigation Team in series 6 (

"If he does know, then 'Mother of God' is less about the person reveal, and more that it absolutely confirms Jo is bent/being blackmailed and now they know she has in fact set both Farida & Buckles up?"

"The photograph - could she be angry at the person we assume is her mother, because she forced Jo into a marriage/relationship that ended in pregnancy (show is leading us to assume Jo is gay so she may be bitter about this) - and now the son is being used to blackmail her?

"Finally - her next of kin is listed as someone called Samantha Davidson, could this be her sister and possibly Jake is her nephew?? That one's even more of a long shot haha."

We already know that Davidson is related to someone known to AC-12.

In the latest episode DI Steve Arnott and DC Chloe Bishop hand a file to Superintendent Ted Hastings, with Steve remarking: "As we know sir, there's only one credible explanation for Jo Davidson's DNA matching this individual. They're blood relatives."

Hastings then looks at the file, before exclaiming "Mother of God" at its contents.

So, could this be Jake? Others thought it could be a possibility.

Fans have a theory about DCI Joanne Davidson (

"There is definitely something going on with the boy as they seemed to take an interest in him in the questioning," said one fan of the show.

While another remarked: "It would explain why she seemed so upset when one of the robbers was shot - she thought it could be her (estranged) son? Seems a long shot though."

"Interesting theory, OCG could've forced Jake to be involved and promised Jo that he would be protected in prison."

"I believe something will crop up with Jake. They made a point of including him on the episode 5 recap at the beginning of episode 6. Seems suspish to me!," said another.

We'll have to wait to find out!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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