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Line Of Duty Fans Are Just Realising Detective Sergeant Chris Lomax Actor Perry Fitzpatrick Was In Downton Abbey

Line Of Duty Fans Are Just Realising Detective Sergeant Chris Lomax Actor Perry Fitzpatrick Was In Downton Abbey

Line Of Duty's Chris Lomax actor Perry Fitzpatrick played the part of Chris Webster in the Downton Abbey movie.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Line Of Duty viewers will likely know actor Perry Fitzpatrick best as Detective Sergeant Chris Lomax.

But before he appeared as an investigative officer at Hillside Lane Station (and a bent copper, according to some suspicious fans) the actor, 37, also starred in several other recognisable TV and film roles.

For instance, as some eagle eyed fans on social media have pointed out, Perry also starred as Chris Webster in the Downton Abbey film...

Perry played Tom Burrows' companion, Chris in the Downton film (
Focus Features)

In case you need a refresher, Chris appeared as Thomas Barrow's companion in the movie, and offered him a glimpse into the undercover gay scene in York.

You'll likely remember the scenes where Chris takes Thomas to a secret nightclub for homosexual men, where they enjoy some time on the dance floor together, before the police arrive and break up the crowds, arresting everyone in attendance.

Check out a snippet from his Downton debut here:

Perry has also starred as Flip (the leader of a moped gang) in This Is England and abusive partner Adam in I Am Nicola - in which he actually performed alongside his Line Of Duty co-star and long-time pal, Vicky McClure, who was playing the titular role, Nicola.

In Line Of Duty, the actor's most recent character, Lomax, is currently under the spotlight after fans noticed a pretty strong hint that he could also be a rotten copper.

Vicky McClure starred together in I Am Nicola (

In scenes from Sunday night's show, AC-12's Chloe Bishop (Shalom Brune-Franklin) could be seen investigating the death of Lawrence Christopher - a black man who was murdered in 2003, while in police custody.

The case is one with real life comparisons, and many fans have likened it to the real life deaths of Stephen Lawrence and Christopher Alder.

But there was another talking point as viewers at home watched, too.

Why was Lomax's picture on the wall?!

Why was Lomax's picture on the wall? (
BBC/ Line Of Duty)

"Chris Lomax appears to be on the pin board at AC-12. Hmmm," wrote one fan of the show as they played detective from their sofa.

While another wrote: "Mother of God! Why is DS Chris Lomax on AC-12's photo wall? #LineOfDuty #LineofDuty6".

Knowing Jed Mercurio, we can't be sure of anything until it's confirmed - after all, the show is famous for misleading clues and red-herrings a-plenty.

Whatever the outcome, it looks like Perry's current role could be one of his juiciest yet...

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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