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Line Of Duty Fans Spot Another Nod To 'H' In Background Of Scene

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Line Of Duty Fans Spot Another Nod To 'H' In Background Of Scene

Line of Duty fans are quick to pick up on anything that could be a potential clue, Easter egg or theory about who H could be.

And the latest episode of the BBC drama was no different.


In Sunday's episode, fans were treated to yet another nod to H in a scene where Superintendent Ted Hastings met up with DI Kate Fleming to share vital information about Ryan Pilkington.


The duo met up in an underpass often frequented by Fleming and DI Steve Arnott, and fans LOVED the hidden clue on the wall behind them.

Part of the graffiti on the wall seemed to spell out H, which is, of course, the letter given to Kate by DS Matthew "Dot" Cottan way back in series three, meant to represent the corrupt police officer or officers that AC-12 are looking for.

Of course, it could just be a coincidence, but it seems to be strategically placed just behind where Kate and Hastings stop to talk, so we think not!

At the very least, it's got to be a nod to fan theories and placed there on purpose for our enjoyment, right?

The Chase's Jenny Ryan pointed out this hidden clue (Credit: Twitter)
The Chase's Jenny Ryan pointed out this hidden clue (Credit: Twitter)

The scene in question begins with Kate, who now works for the Murder Investigation Team, entering the underpass to meet with Hastings.

Hastings then tells her he wants to start proceedings against bent copper Ryan Pilkington.

She replies: "Sir, we don't have much evidence. Under questioning, he's as cool as you like."


"But if he's who we suspect he is, he could be a really nasty piece of work," Hastings says. "I'm only thinking of your safety, Kate."

"Thank you, sir, but if he's been groomed by an OCG and embedded on the force, he's linked to the institutional corruption we've been investigating. We bring him in, we lose that lead."

Hastings replies: "Grand. We'll just place him under surveillance."

The Chase's Jenny Ryan was one fan who discovered this nugget of information.


"Not that I'm going OTT with the #LineOfDuty analysis here but check out the graffiti between Hastings and Kate here," she tweeted.

While others were in agreement.

"Oooh, another clue!" wrote one fan, while another said the graffiti had made "a letter of the law appearance":

Another fan picked up on the hidden clue (Credit: Twitter)
Another fan picked up on the hidden clue (Credit: Twitter)

Not only that, but some Twitter users were also keen to point out the word 'Not' next to the letter 'H'. Could this too be a sign (or confirmation) that Ted Hastings is definitely not H?

The plot thickens...

It's not the only hidden clue we've been treated to recently either.

In episode three, viewers noticed a hidden clue in Steph Corbett's kitchen, too.

Sure, none of these little Easter Eggs would stack up in a court of law, if you were trying to prove who H was...but they sure do add to the fun!

Line of Duty airs on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday evenings.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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Aneira Davies
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