Line Of Duty Star Believes Gail Vella Is Still Alive In Mind-Blowing Twist

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Line Of Duty Star Believes Gail Vella Is Still Alive In Mind-Blowing Twist

Line Of Duty fans are reeling over a brand new theory about season 6 of the show, which was aired by actor Craig Parkinson on BBC's Obsessed With Line Of Duty podcast.

Speaking on his podcast, Parkinson - who played corrupt copper Matthew 'Dot' Cottan on the show - suggested that Gail Vella is still alive.

The podcaster said the suggestion could explain why Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) has as many heavy duty locks on her door as we've seen.

It comes as a murder investigation is currently going on, as Andi Osho's Vella - a famous journalist - is assumed dead.


"Somebody is in that flat and there's some connection with Gail Vella, the investigative journalist," he said. "You don't cast someone like Andi Osho and then just have her as little magazine prints and stick them up on a kitchen wall," he said.

Gail Vella appears to be dead (Credit: BBC)
Gail Vella appears to be dead (Credit: BBC)

Vella is played by actress Andi Osho (I May Destroy You), and it is thought she was murdered on September 10th 2019, outside her house in Kingsgate.

So, is there any way that she's alive after all? One spanner in the works is that we have seen pictures of what is said to be Vella's dead body.


Plus, the team investigating her death, fronted by Davidson, claim to have seen her body, and suggest that the muzzle of the firearm that shot her was pressed against the back of her head, in what's known as a "hard contact technique" to avoid blood splatter.

This means if she is alive, someone's either being deceitful or they're being scammed.

Could the hill investigative team be bluffing or hiding something? AC-12 is looking into them, after all...

Craig Parkinson posed the suggestion on BBC's podcast (Credit: BBC)
Craig Parkinson posed the suggestion on BBC's podcast (Credit: BBC)

And if there was a body, could she have faked her death? Or perhaps she has a twin?

There are so many theories...

What we do know about Jed Mercurio is that a supposed dead body is not proof that someone is dead. Remember The Bodyguard, anyone?!

A conversation on the podcast also cited the fact that Osho is a well known actress and comedian, questioning if the show really would have killed her off without giving her much time on screen.


The first episode of series six showed Vella in magazine and newspaper clippings in the suspect's home, and a tape of her later emerged.

However, other than this, she hasn't had much opportunity to showcase her acting.

"I think there must be more with her because she's too good and she's too known," Sarah Millican chipped in, as she joined Parkinson on the podcast.

The podcasters don't trust Joanne Davidson  (Credit: BBC)
The podcasters don't trust Joanne Davidson (Credit: BBC)

"Because you'd just get anybody to do a photograph like that. If it's just going to be images, you don't need somebody as good as Andi is, so fingers crossed we're going to see a bit more of her."

Millican went on to suggest that Vella could even be an ex of Davidson, an openly gay character.

Parkinson and Millican aren't the only ones who think we might be seeing more of Osho in upcoming episodes.

"Ok. I still think Gail Vella is alive..? #LineOfDuty," wrote one fan recently as they were binging the show.

Meanwhile, another pondered: "What about Andi Osho? She's either ..... 1) only been hired for stills - magazines covers etc 2) Stills plus some investigative news video footage or 3) Gail Vella's not dead".

We guess we're just going to have to wait and see...

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