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Line Of Duty's Adrian Dunbar Teases Huge Clue About Who Survives The Shooting

Line Of Duty's Adrian Dunbar Teases Huge Clue About Who Survives The Shooting

We have official word from Hastings himself

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Line of Duty

Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar has given fans a huge clue about who survives the shocking shooting viewers saw at the end of Sunday night's episode.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Monday to discuss everything Line of Duty, Adrian was asked by hosts Susanna Reid and Adil Ray for spoilers.

See for yourself below:

Adrian said in response to who survives the shooting: "I know and a lot of Line of Duty fans know."

After Adil asks if a lot of Line of Duty fans have worked out what happens, Adrian nodded mysteriously.

"There's been a very big clue. This is the scoop. As the first guest back on this show I'm giving you a massive scoop. There is a clue out there about what happens next. And the Line of Duty fans know."

What could Adrian be referring to, you ask? Well, viewers were left shook as episode five concluded with a shooting but it's not clear who was shot. Some fans have speculated the victim might be PC Ryan Pilkington or DI Kate Fleming, who faced off in an intense shoot-out.

Fans are convinced Jo has kidnapped Kate (

One fan took to Reddit after unearthing a clip from the season six trailer we have all seen before but never knew its importance until now, which may give us some hints about who was shot and what has happened to Kate.

You can see that trailer here.

One Reddit user hypothesised that Ryan was shot by Jo Davidson. They wrote in response to the unearthed clip: "This makes me think Jo shot Ryan and then Kate and Jo drive off in the other car. Maybe Jo kidnaps Kate? Either way... Ryan looks dead."

A fan theory suggests Kate survives the shooting (


Did Jed Mercurio really give fans such an important Easter egg in the season's official trailer? Stranger things have happened that's for sure.

Line of Duty airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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