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EXCLUSIVE: 'Legally Blonde 3' Release Date Finally Confirmed As Reese Witherspoon Returns

EXCLUSIVE: 'Legally Blonde 3' Release Date Finally Confirmed As Reese Witherspoon Returns

'Legally Blonde 3' officially has a release date and we're whipping out our pink power suits in preparation...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Legally Blonde 3 has an official release date, so get your diaries at the ready.

The popular film will be back in UK cinemas for a third instalment on May 8 2020, Universal Pictures have exclusively confirmed to Pretty 52.

The Reese Witherspoon fronted movie was originally rumoured to hit screens on Valentine's Day next year, but has since been pushed back.

The new release will be the same overseas in the US and in Ireland, they have confirmed.

The film, which Reese is reportedly set to produce and star in, will see Harvard grad and ultimate power girl Elle Woods return.

As for the other members of the cast, it's unclear who will be joining her in bending and snapping alongside her once more.

Previously, Reese said that some OG cast members would be returning, but didn't specify who. (We're majorly crossing our fingers for Selma Blair and Jennifer Coolidge, tbh).

Universal Pictures

"Oh, it's gonna be so fun! I got to go to a meeting the other day where we talked about all the new plot points and all the characters and some returning characters and some new characters. I mean, I got so excited just in the meeting. I was like, 'This is gonna be good'," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Its currently unclear what the plot of the new movie will be, however, Matthew Davis, who portrayed Warner Huntington III in Legally Blonde, suggested: "I would love to see something where perhaps Warner is married to a politician, to a woman who's running for office, and he's sort of like a kept man."

Universal Pictures

And on Watch What Happens Live, Reese said: "Somebody thought it would be really funny if Elle went to jail." We're not sure how we feel about that one.

Whatever the new film holds, we're just excited to get another fix of Elle and her fabulous outfits, tbh.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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