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'Laguna Beach' Cast Will Reunite After 15 Years - But Under One Condition

'Laguna Beach' Cast Will Reunite After 15 Years - But Under One Condition

This *has* to happen.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Big news, reality TV fans. Laguna Beach looks poised for a reunion episode - but there's one big condition.

Yep, Lauren Conrad, Trey Phillips, Stephen Colletti, and Dieter Schmitz all got together for a Zoom call recently, and revealed they would love to reunite.

However, they said they'd only do so if they could persuade enough people to register to vote in the upcoming US election.

The chat started off as a catch up about each other's lives, but soon the cast started conspiring about how they could get together to do some good.

"We could partner with Good to Vote and Head Count," said Lauren on the call. "And if we can get enough people to register to vote...we could do it."

It took just minutes for the group to get Lo Bosworth, Morgan Smith, Kristin Cavallari, Christina Schuller, Talan Torriero, Morgan Olsen, and Loren Polster on board for the reunion, too.

And, before you know it, the plan was in action.

It all hinges on whether 500 fans of the show, who hadn't already registered to vote, do so after seeing the cast's plea.

The reality show was a huge hit with viewers in the 00s (

"We partnered with #GoodToVote!" wrote Lauren on the 'gram.

"If we can get 500 of you to register to vote-or simply check your registration-we will host the first-ever Laguna Beach cast Reunion!"

We think it's pretty likely the Laguna Beach cast will reach their target, given the cult following the show has behind it.

And if it does, the cast will join the likes of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Father Of The Bride and Friends in jumping on the reunion hype.

We guess with things as bizarre as they are in 2020, we need all the nostalgia we can get.

Lauren Conrad wants people to vote in the US (

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County ran for three seasons, from September 2004 until November 2006.

Originally narrated by Lauren Conrad as she journeyed through her senior year of high school, the success of the 'guilty pleasure' show triggered spin-off, The Hills, which followed Lauren navigating her professional life, and a striving for a career in the fashion industry.

Get out and register, US folk, this reunion has to happen!

Featured Image Credit: MTV

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