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Chilling New Episode Of 'The Lady Killers' Features Newlywed Who Murdered Her Husband

Chilling New Episode Of 'The Lady Killers' Features Newlywed Who Murdered Her Husband

Tonight's instalment of the true crime programme looks chilling.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

A brand new episode of The Lady Killers lands tonight and it will tell the story of a woman who felt so trapped by marriage it drove her to kill her new husband.

The true crime docu-series airing on Quest Red explores the most shocking crimes committed by women and tonight's episode at 10pm will explore the crime of Mahmuda Khatun, a woman trapped by orthodox views and the pressure of arranged marriages.

28-year old Khatun was born into a conservative Bangladeshi family, but her independent lifestyle that was career-focused clashed with her family's views. She eventually went on to murder Muhammad Amin Miah after just 33 days of marriage.

Khatun was trapped between two worlds - that of her traditional Bangladeshi upbringing and her exciting professional career in London.

But aged 21, she was married by arrangement to a man chosen by her parents.

But as Khatun's Criminal Defence Barrister Joe Sidhu highlights, Khatun's ambitions caused tension in the marriage.

"She wanted to be an independent, free young woman and make her own decisions. Her family thought otherwise," he says.

Khatun did not love her first husband and the frustrations led to it coming to a head and after he became physically abusive, she filed for divorce.

Mahmuda Khatun murdered her husband after just 33 days (
Quest Red (reconstruction))

For several years after that, Khatun enjoyed the freedom she longed for, even having romantic relations with a colleague of her choosing. But soon, family pressure took its toll and she was married again with a man her parents chose: Muhammad.

She quickly regretted the decision.

Forensic Psychologist, Emma Kenny says that Khatun "felt completely trapped, she didn't feel that she could be with the lover that she wanted". Unable to divorce again, it drove Khatun to murder.

On 9th August, 2007, just a mere 33 days into her new marriage, she dressed in a Burqa to conceal her face. She knocked on her and husband's front door and as Muhammad answered, she used a concealed knife to fatally stab him in the chest. It was his 28th birthday.

But she was a clever murderer. She didn't usually wear a burqa and this helped conceal her. She created a fake timeline of events too to cover her tracks.

Muhammed was killed on his 28th birthday, just 33 days into his marriage to Khatun (
Quest Red (reconstruction))

This fake timeline consisted of her working late, visiting a hostel in Liverpool Street, speaking to a friend, calling her mum and even calling her deceased husband's mobile, knowing he wouldn't answer.

Despite trying to fool police, detectives unravelled the plan and in 2008 she was found guilty of murder and sentenced to a minimum of 17 years in prison.

Sounds like a truly gripping true crime and we're recording it tonight ready for the weekend when we're meant to be staying home not socialising.

The Lady Killers airs at 10pm tonight on Quest Red and dplay.

Featured Image Credit: Quest Red

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