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Joel Dommett Stripped Naked After Ghost Gag Goes Wrong

Joel Dommett Stripped Naked After Ghost Gag Goes Wrong

The cheek of it!

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Ever had a wardrobe malfunction which means your killer outfit is spoiled? We've all been there.

However, we don't think we've ever made a fashion faux-pas as bad as Joel Dommett does for his Halloween special of Hey Tracey!

The latest episode of the ITV2 comedy sees funnyman Dommett, 35, dress up in a ghost costume in honour of spooky season.

Dommett bared more than he bargained for (

However, he struggles with the simple white sheet, getting it caught so he can't find the eyeholes.

Former EastEnders star Rita Simons, who is a guest on Dommett's zany programme, lends a helping hand, tugging the sheet off before revealing a stark naked and very embarrassed Joel. Cringe.

It was a particularly scary episode of Hey Tracey!, with TOWIE star Bobby Norris having his very own close encounter on the show.

Rita Simons helped Joel flash the flesh (

With the programme seeing celebrities making prank calls, Norris, 34, was on the phone to a spa to see if he could find the answer to the question: "What type of facial did Kim Kardashian call the most painful thing ever?"

Dressed in a skin-tight muscle costume, Norris was ready to hang up on the woman he was talking to after offering free promo for her spa on Instagram - until she said something that shook him to his very core.

"You used to work for me, you should know who I am!" she responded.

After revealing her name, Norris could not hide his horror.

"Shut up, no!" he laughed. "How are you babe? You alright? I'm so sorry!

"I'm filming a show for ITV2! How are you, girl, you alright?

"We'll have to catch up and have a coffee soon."

The conversation is set to have you in stitches.

Bobby Norris heard a familiar voice (

Tallia Storm, Darren Harriott, Ellie Taylor and Jordan North all also star in the show's Halloween special.

Hey Tracey! is now in its second series, with comedy writer and performer Donna Preston playing bolshy Alexa substitute Tracey.

Hey Tracey! airs Monday nights at 10pm on ITV2

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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