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​Jealous Penguin Had David Attenborough's Dynasties Viewers In Stitches Last Night

Mark Cunliffe

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​Jealous Penguin Had David Attenborough's Dynasties Viewers In Stitches Last Night

Featured Image Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

Dynasties viewers were left in stitches at the latest instalment of David Attenborough's new series, after a jealous penguin decided to interrupt two penguins mating in an unusual way.

During the show, which focused on the emperor penguins in Atka Bay in Antarctica, viewers saw the animals' mating rituals and witnessed one female penguin try to find love in a pretty forward manner.

In between shots of the penguins mating, one female decided to plonk herself on her belly and slide straight into a couple who were preparing to mate.


This definitely didn't go down too well with the other penguins and a massive fight broke out between them all.

Unfortunately, the penguin's creative way of finding love didn't quite work out as the couple had already bonded too tightly to break them up.

While narrating, Attenborough said: "This couple has already bonded too tightly to be split apart by an interloper.

Credit: BBC One/Dynasties
Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

"Penguins unlucky in love head back to spend the winter feeding at sea, because there's no food on the ice. The couples now spend weeks waiting to see if their eggs develop."

Although she wasn't successful in finding love, viewers of the show took to Twitter to praise the penguin's unusual approach to dating.

One user wrote: "These female emperor penguins fighting over a male and I can't even get a Tinder message back."

Credit: BBC One/Dynasties
Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

Another added: "Some penguin girl getting in on the mating action has just killed me off."

Last night's episode was filled with lots of drama as the crew also had to step in to save the penguins - despite Attenborough being against interfering with the animals in any of his shows.

The team saw an Emperor Penguin mum struggling to get her chicks to safety, and so they decided to help and carved some steps so she could get them away from a fast flowing gorge.

Credit: BBC One/Dynasties
Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

Speaking at the launch of the series, executive producer Michael Gunton said: "We have a rule that interfering is a very dangerous thing to do. But these penguins were going to die through a freak act of nature if nothing happened.

"How would this conversation be going if you said you saw them there and did nothing? I think you have to do it."

Attenborough explained that he is against stepping in as "tragedy is part of life" and to do anything other than watch will only make the situation worse.

Credit: BBC One/Dynasties
Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

He then referred to a wildebeest calf being chased by a leopard, and said: "What do you do? Suppose you did something that frightened the leopard off, the fawn would be disorientated and would probably not even be able to find its way home, so it is likely to die.

"The leopard would go off and have to find another fawn and it is likely to have problems with its cubs."

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Mark Cunliffe
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