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 ITV's New Reality Series 'Killer Camp' Brings 'American Horror Story' To Life

ITV's New Reality Series 'Killer Camp' Brings 'American Horror Story' To Life

The new series follows 11 unsuspecting members of the public as they’re placed into an 80s-inspired summer camp...

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Fright night fans get excited, as ITV2 is bringing American Horror Story: 1984 to life with their new reality show, Killer Camp.

The broadcaster's new series, which will take place across five nights in the lead up to Halloween, follows 11 unsuspecting members of the public as they're placed into an 80s-inspired summer camp, only to discover that there is a murderer in the group.

In order to win the overall prize money, the contestants must figure out who the killer is and obviously escape their "deadly" booby traps, which take place when the camp is in darkness.

However, it won't be easy, as the camp killer will be setting 'murderous' traps in a bid to get the reality participants eliminated from the game and steal their cash while remaining undetected.

A hilarious take on iconic 80s slasher movies and this season's AHS, it sounds like a lot of the 'fatal' ambushes will be taking inspiration from the Scary Movie franchise as they get more imaginative as the show progresses.

The camp killer will try their best to scupper the contestants chances to win the cash prize.

Comedian Bobby Mair will front the series, which has yet to announce an official air date. Speaking about the playful project, he said: "Being a presenter, Camp Counsellor and facilitator of murder is the job I was born to do!

"I really hope ITV2 viewers have as much fun watching this show as much as I had getting to make it."

While James Donkin, series editor for Tuesday's Child, the production company of the show, added: "Killer Camp has betrayal, romance and horror throwback nostalgia at its core, all wrapped up in a glorious 80s bow.

"We hope the boxset-bingeing twists, alongside the overarching 'whodunnit' narrative will hook viewers in and keep them locked, until the big reveal on Halloween night."

The camp killer will attempt at night to trap the contestants.

Forget Love Island, this is going to be our next TV obsession.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/ Netflix/ Fox

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