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Netflix's New True-Crime 'Into The Deep' Examines The Disturbing Danish Submarine Murder

Netflix's New True-Crime 'Into The Deep' Examines The Disturbing Danish Submarine Murder

The documentary follows the disturbing case of inventor Peter Madsen, who murdered journalist Kim Wall.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

One of the most bizarre murder cases in recent years has been made the subject of a new true crime documentary - and it's coming to Netflix.

Into The Deep, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival, examines the gruesome murder of journalist Kim Wall by inventor Peter Madsen in 2017, known in Denmark as 'the submarine case'.

On 10th August 2017, the Swedish journalist got a text message from entrepreneur Madsen - who she had requested an interview with earlier that year - inviting her to board his submarine, UC3 Nautilus.

Kim Wall was a Swedish journalist who was invited to interview Madsen before he killed her (
Family handout)

She left her boyfriend, whom she was preparing for a leaving party with that night for the couple's big move to Beijing, and boarded the submarine with Madsen at roughly 7pm - however, the vessel never returned to harbour. Wall's boyfriend reported her missing at 1.43am that night.

The submarine was spotted in Køge Bay 10:30am the following morning by a lighthouse, but it had sunk by 11am. It's owner, Madsen, was rescued from the water and arrested.

In the coming weeks, Wall's body parts were found dismembered, including her torso which was found washed up on the shore with 15 stab wounds. Her limbs were found in plastic bags discovered by police divers.

Madsen initially told police he had dropped Wall on land, before changing his story admitting to dumping her body at sea after claiming she died by an accident on board. At first, he testified in court she had been hit on the head by the submarine's hatch cover, before later saying she'd died by inhaling poisonous exhaust gases.

Madsen's submarine, UC3 Nautilus, recovered after it sunk (

The documentary is the work of Australian filmmaker Emma Sullivan who began filming Madsen in 2016, hoping to profile an eccentric amateur astronaut and CEO of a space lab, who had been building a rocket. However, the planned documentary took an unexpected twist when the news Madsen's submarine had gone missing emerged. The documentary crew could never have predicted what was to follow.

According to Decider, Into The Deep shows unsettling footage of Madsen giving a thumbs up to the camera when asked if he's OK hours after the killing, and his young interns praising his genius. It depicts how the killer's colleagues are convinced of his innocence at first, before slowly, doubts grow.

The documentary is yet to get a UK release date, but it's likely we'll be getting it some time this year, following its launch in the US.

Madsen's submarine, where Kim Wall's murder was thought to have taken place (

In the meantime, some Sundance Film Festival attendees have been reviewing the film online - and they're calling it "deeply disturbing."

"Remember the dude who killed a journalist who wanted to interview him? Someone was doing a documentary on him *at the time* This is deeply disturbing," wrote one film critic.

"INTO THE DEEP is jaw-dropping. And daaaaark. And totally tragic. Go in completely blind. Another ace of a documentary that everyone will see soon on Netflix, just brace yourself," says another.

"Holy f*cking f*ck Into the Deep was the best documentary I've seen #SundanceFilmFestival," added one Twitter user.

More information on a release date as it comes.

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