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People Are Raving About Rosamund Pike's 'Insane' New Movie I Care A Lot

People Are Raving About Rosamund Pike's 'Insane' New Movie I Care A Lot

J Blakeson's new movie, I Care A Lot, has received glowing reviews since dropping on Amazon Prime Video.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Dark comedy I Care A Lot seems to be the movie that everybody is binging at the moment - and it's not hard to see why.

Penned by Kidnapping Stella writer, J Blakeson, the film stars Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike in the lead role as Marla Grayson - an evil and yet insatiably captivating villain, who abuses her power as a court-appointed guardian to steal from the elderly.

Marla conns the lonely old people - who often have nobody else - by moving them into care homes before it is needed and then pocketing the money from their properties, as well as their inheritances when they die.

In a review of the movie, The Guardian describe her actions as a "window display of pure predatory wickedness," but one thing is for sure - it's the sort of drama you can't look away from, however much you might want to.

Without giving away too many spoilers, it appears that Marla is getting away with her crimes quite successfully at first. She really has got the whole slick operation down to an art.

Marla cons old people out of their money and freedom (
Amazon Prime)

That is, until a Russian mafia member (Peter Dinklage) comes on the scene, and it emerges he's actually the secret son of one of the women Marla has tricked - wealthy pensioner, Jennifer (Dianne Wiest).

Queue a whole lot of drama, which we're totally here for...

Reacting to the movie after watching it online, fans were quick to brand it "insane" and gush about how hooked they were throughout.

"#ICareALot just as good as I anticipated. My absolute favourite of 2021 so far! Such an insane and dark movie in the best way," wrote one fan after watching Pike's dramatic film.

Marla ends up attracting the attention of Peter Dinklage (
Amazon Prime)

While another excitedly concurred: "Well, sh*t. #ICareALot is incredible. Rosamund Pike is undeniable. Damn, I'm truly excited to watch this again. The twists are amazing, it's such a fun ride. Wow. Alright, 2021 coming in HOT."

A third wrote: "Rosamund Pike is one of the best villains I've ever seen in cinema. First in the Gone Girl and now in I Care A Lot. Capitalising off older people and leaving them with no way to get out of it, Disgusting yet Mind-blowing! #ICareALot".

If you haven't watched this yet, we think we've just found your latest TV binge. You're welcome.

I Care A Lot is available to watch on Amazon Prime in the UK and Ireland and Netflix in the US.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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