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'I Am A Killer' Will Be Your New True Crime Obsession

'I Am A Killer' Will Be Your New True Crime Obsession

Episode one investigates killer Lindsey Haugen, who killed her boyfriend by putting her arm around his neck and choking him for 20 minutes.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

The psychology of murder is one of the most fascinating subjects, and one modern audiences have been gripped by thanks to the prolific true crime genre.

And no documentary gives a more chilling and eerily intimate into the subject than I Am Killer - and now there's a brand new series for us to dig our teeth into.

The second series of the true crime, in which death row inmates convicted of capital murder give firsthand accounts of their crimes, launched on Tuesday (22nd October) - and the cases might just be more disturbing than they were in the first.

Comprised of 10 episodes, it includes three female 'lifers' including a woman who lured her male victim in with the promise of sex before killing him and stealing his car; a wife in an unhappy marriage who killed her husband and buried his body in the garden; and a women who strangled her boyfriend to death in his own car.

Episode one focuses on the latter case, that of Lindsey Haugen, an army veteran with a history of abuse from men.

Murdered Lindsey Haugen features in the second series first episode. (
Crime + Investigation/Sky Vision)

Haugen's boyfriend Robert Mast had a history of suicidal idealisation and often told his partner he was depressed and wanted to kill himself.

Sitting in Mast's car on the morning of 15th September 2005, Haugen killed her boyfriend by putting her arm around his neck and choking him for 20 minutes.

When police arrived on the scene, Haugen was frantically crying, but she later told police officers while being interviewed: "I guess I just wanted to kill someone with my bare hands".


Haugen was found guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced to 60 years in prison.

Despite her crime, Mast's Christian mother and stepfather have forgiven her and regularly visit her in prison. They say they "lost a son but have gained a daughter".

Linda Couch, who killed her husband and buried him in the garden, is another subject of the series. (
Crime + Investigation/Sky Vision)

Diana Carter, Crime+Investigation Commissioning Editor and Executive producer, said: "Our audience of passionate true crime fans appreciated the thoughtful and carefully crafted approach of the filmmakers to such controversial subject matter. We are proud to bring it back for a second season."

This is set to be a chilling watch.

The next episode of I Am A Killer airs on Crime+Investigation (Sky 156, Virgin 275, BT 328 and TalkTalk 328) at 9pm on Tuesday 29th October.

Featured Image Credit: Crime + Investigation/Sky Vision

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